Chapter 3 : The Transformation

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"Oh, hehe..."

"...After I saved you from being sucked dry by them, I bit you in the same place she did to take the vampire poison out of your body, then I bit into your right arm and gave you some of my blood."


"And whenever a vampire gives a human some of their blood, they become a vampire too."

"B-But I didn't see that in the vision."

"That's because I altered it so you wouldn't see me do that, I thought it would creep you out."

"Wait! So you think raping me is less creepy!?"

"Yosi... I told you already, I didn't rape your real body, I only raped your mind."


"Well anyway, since I've told you what you wanted to know, I guess I should tell you why I really turned you."


"At first I was planning to save you and use you as a sex slave~"


"Please... let me finish Yosi..."


"Yeah, so at first I was planning to do that cause you were so cute."

After hearing this, Yosiro's pale face was flushed red.

"Hehehe... But as soon as I tried turning you, my conscience was sent here, where I saw Kuro."

'Huh? What's so special about seeing me?'

"And at that very moment, I knew that you were in fact a Shinigami clan member, but not just any Shinigami clan member, but the prince."

"Huh? How'd you figure that out?"

"I researched all the clans, the Shinigami clan more specifically, and it was said that a Shinigami clan member can either have Crimson-red or Jet-black hair. But since the Queen of the Shinigami Clan married a Tori Clan member, I knew there was a possibility that one of their Twin children would have blue hair like their father, and in that instance you were the special case.

"Y-Yeah your actually right, I'm surprised you know so much about the Shinigami Clan, especially about my family."

"How could I not silly? Your apart of the Royal family, your the prince after all."

"Oh yeah, hehe..."

Kuro then said:

"So why were you studying the Shinigami Clan, Yumi?"

"B-Because that's the only clan that can help me do what I need to do."


"The Vampire Lord... I need the power of a Shinigami Clan member to take him down."

"Huh? Why do you want to take down the vampire Lord?"

"B-Because... He was the one... Who caused the death of my family 4 years ago!"


"When my family and I moved from Shipune in search of a new start, we eventually ended up on this dreaded continent, and on the night we arrived, we were attacked by his henchmen."

"...They massacred everyone in my family, my mom, my dad, my brothers..."

"...But when they were about to kill me, he stepped in and instead of killing me, turned me into a vampire, to forever be his slave and do his biding!"


"Yeah... So that's the real reason why I turned you into a vampire, so you could help me avenge the death of my family."

'Heh, this story seems all to similar, it's almost like the story of mom's life. She devoted her whole life to training and defeating the man who killed her parents.'

"Yes Yosi, this is very similar to the story of the Crimson Berserker, but I desperately need your assistance, please!"

"Huh? Why're you asking me? Can't you just control my mind or something and tell me to do it?"

"No, not exactly... Since your not a normal human, but instead a Shinigami Clan member, I can't just control you and tell you what to do."



She then said in a soft voice :

"So will you help me?"

"Hmm... Is there anyway for me to return to normal?"


"Uh... Y-Yeah you just need to take the Vampire Lord's necklace from him, the antidote is in it."

"Oh, if it's that simple then sure I'll help Yumi!"

'Excellent! I got him to help.'

"Great! Thanks alot Yosi!"

She then went over to him, and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

"Let's start as soon as your fully healed..."

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