Chapter 6 : A Tragic Visit

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"Oh, so what're we gonna do now Yumi?"

"Well... Uh... Oh I remember! We're gonna visit that old friend I told you about."

"Oh, okay let's go."

After they got transported to the real dimension, they flew towards the western side of town.

"You know, Yosi..."


"I really like you."

As soon as he heard this, he started blushing in embarrassment.


"I said, I really like you."

"Uh... I-I like you too Yumi."

'Ugh... If he doesn't know what I mean why doesn't be just ask...'

"What I mean is, at first I only liked you cause I thought you were cute..."

She then glanced at him, and he started blushing even more.

"...But now I like you even more, and that's because of your personality."


"But I'm still wondering why you don't like me."

"Huh? I just said I do."

"I know you're just saying that Yosi..."

Directly after she said this, he says in a melancholy voice:

"Well... I guess the reason I don't like you like that is because I have trouble letting people into my life, ever since that incident happened to me 10 years ago..."


After he told Yumi the story, she said:

"Don't be silly Yosiro, I wouldn't laugh at you if you stuttered, I actually think its really cute that someone like you, is so concerned over such a trivial thing."


As she looked at his dumbfounded face, she gives him a pleasant smile and they continue westwardly.


After just a few more minutes of flying, Yumi suddenly stopped.

"Huh? What's wr~"

"We're here."

"Huh? All I see is a shitty looking shack."

As he said this, she looked at him then shook her head.

"Oh... Its here."

She then descended towards the ground.

~Knock Knock~

"Zuko! Its Yumi!"

But after 2 minutes passed, she still heard no response.

'The hell's going on?'

As she thought this to herself, she materialised a katana, then assaulted the door!

"What's wrong Yumi?"

"I don't know... he should have answered by now."

As she said this, she went through the door and looked around, while Yosiro followed close behind her.

'Hmm I wonder if this part of town has a nam~'


As soon as he heard this, he turned towards Yumi, where he saw a grey haired man in her arms.



Whilst saying this, he looked around his little shack, where he saw his house turned upside down.

'The hell happened here!?'

"Who the hell is here!"

A familiar voice then says:

"Hehehe! Who'd you think?"

And as soon as he heard this voice, he gasped and said:

"Y-Your majesty! What're you doing here?"

"Oh I just came by to have a little talk with you about sponges... The fuck do you think!"

"Uhh... I don't know where Yum~"

"Stop fucking lying you asshole! I know you know where she is..."


He then closed his right hand, and Zuko started bleeding!

"Now... If you don't tell me where she's hiding... You know what's gonna happen to you, right?"


He then squeezed his arm even harder, and one of Zuko's ribs broke!


While coughing up blood, he said:


"Okay, good to know we understand ourselves..."

"Now let's try this again... Where is Yumi Biku."

"Again... Your majesty, sir, I don~"

But before he could finish, Kain closed both his hands, and all his organs exploded!

"Wrong answer!"


"Fucking retard..."


"He did this!"


"H-He killed him!"


"I'm gonna fucking slaughter kill you Kain!"

As she screamed this, her eyes changed to blood red and her hair to silver. Then she threw Zuko to the ground, sprouted her wings, and soared straight up, breaking the wooden roof of the shack.


But as soon as he thought this and was about to follow her. His foot was clenched tightly by something.


And as he turned around to see what it was, he was surprised to see it was Zuko! But before he could say anything, he heard a voice in his head.

"P-Please... S-Stop her... He's too powerfu~"

But before he could finish, he fell to the ground dead!

"Yu-Yumi! W-Wait!"

As he shouted this, he tried his best to keep up with her. But it was as Zuko feared...

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