Chapter 1 : The Vampyrc Encounter

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~3 Hours Later~

As Kuro's journey to Jigoku continued, Yosiro decided to meditate. But while he was doing this; as soon as Kuro got to land, he was attacked!

"What the fuck!?"

"Hehehe, come take a look girls, we got ourselves some fresh blood."

"What the hell are you going on about!?"

"Hehehe, no need to worry about that little cutie, just stay calm and quiet while we suck your blood."


Immediately, Kuro transported Yosiro's serrated katana to his hand, and shouted at the Red headed succubus.

"Come on you little bitch!"

"Hmm, such vile words coming from a little teenager."

"Heh, just shut up and fight me you little bitch."

With a villainous smirk, the vampire whispered:

"My wish is your command."

And soared from the sky with her razor sharp claws emitting a cool sky blue glow.

"Heh, your so predictable!"

"We'll see about~"

But before she could finish her statement, Kuro teleported above the vampire and shouted :

"Yuki Chunyu : Ririsu!"

And projected a huge wave of Ice from his katana unto the vampire.


'How can a human possibly do something like that?'

"Heh, you don't know do you?"

'How'd he read my~'

"How'd I read your mind? You should really know your enemy's abilities before you try to gang them. I'm the Reaper of the prince of the Shinigami Clan, Yosiro Tori! And I'm going to slaughter you!"

Directly after Kuro shouted this, the red headed vampire shouted:

"Hmph, and you should really observe your enemies more often!"


Directly after she said this, a green haired vampire appeared behind him and used her demonic attributed claws and jabbed him straight through his back!

But while this was happening and he was coughing out blood; once he closed and reopened his eyes, he saw a blue haired vampire in front of him, squeezing his neck and kissing him. But just as he thought it couldn't get much worst, the red headed vampire suddenly appeared beside him and bit into his neck.

'Omg I feel so violated right now, I can't even move and I feel like I'm getting r-r-raaa~'

But before he could finish his thought, he lost consciousness due to all the blood being sucked out of his body.

"This Shinigami blood is so delightful."

"Yeah, your so right... It tastes like I'm in heaven!"

As the vampires complemented Yosiro's blood while they drank it, a Teal haired vampire came from the sky and shouted:

"Why didn't you guys tell me you found fresh bl~"

"Omg he's so cute!"

"Guys! I like him, don't kill him, stop sucking him out."

At hearing her request, the other vampires all looked and scoffed at her.

"Like we'd ever give up this Shinigami blood for your pleasure."

"Yeah, piss off and find someone else to fuck."

At hearing her so called 'friends' say this, she was mortified.

"B-But I thought we had a deal... Whenever I found someone I like you would let me take him."

"Yeah about that..."

Then they all said in unison.

"We lied!"

Immediately, her teal hair began levitating and she shouted:

"W-What d-d-did you s-s-say."

"We said, we lied!"

The red headed vampire went even further and said:

"And you can't do anything about it!"

Directly after she heard this, she materialised 2 guns equipped with the one thing vampires can't take the most. Then shouted :

"If you don't let him go now, I'm going to kill you!"

"Hehehe, that's exactly what he said, and look at him now."

"Fine! Prepare to die!"

"Akari Chunyu : Ririsu!"

And with that, she sent several light speed, holy attributed bullets towards the vampires, killing them instantly.

Directly after she did this, Yosiro's body plummeted towards the ground.

But she caught him in her arms just as he was about to fall to the ground.

'I wonder who this cute little boy is...'

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