Chapter 7 : Kurai's Vital Mistake!

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She was out of control and was heading straight towards Kain's Palace!

'Hehehe, she's falling right into my trap.'

"Zai! Tsubaki! Keep that little Shinigami out of my way, I'll handle Yumiko."

"Y-Yes your majesty."

And as soon as Yosiro flew past the castle bridge, he was ambushed by the 2 elite vampires.

'Fucking hell.... Why now...'

"You! Shinigami prince! We're gonna~"

"Yeah, Yeah, your gonna kill me... Can we just skip that whole generic chit-chat and just fight?"

"Heh, a cheeky one I see... But no matter, we'll rectify that."

'Hmm rectify... I like that word. It can either mean to fix or wreck someon~'

"Akki Chunyu!"

Directly after they said this, they soared towards Yosiro with their arms engulfed in the demonic aura. But as soon as they were about to hit him, he teleported above them with his serrated Katana in hand, and went down on Zai!


But before Yosiro could finish him off, Tsubaki sprung into action and kicked him off Zai.

"Thanks Tsu~"

Yosiro then teleported back to his katana, which was still impaled in Zai's back, then used his Shinigami powers to electrocute him!

'This persistent little fuck!'

She then charged at him, and sent her arm straight threw him stomach! And with blood gushing from his mouth, he said:

"Hehehe, you fell right into my trap."


He then clenched unto her arm which was still in his stomach, then shouted:

"Yuki Nagashi!"

And froze her body completely!

"Heh! Is this all you've got Kain? I thought your elites would be at least a little stronger than that."

"Stupid child!"


But before he could turn around, he felt a sharp pain in his back, then with one kick, he was propelled to the ground!

'W-What's happening~'


He was then impaled with several swords, which went straight threw his palms and heels, and petrified him to the ground.


"Huh! Where did all your big talk go little bitch?"

"S-Shut the f-fuck up you little fa~"


"What's wrong little bitch? Why can't you finish your sentence."

"The fuck do you think asshole! If you would stop fucking pu~"


"What? Pushing my sword through you arms? Nah, it's too much fun."



'I know, I know.'

"Shi Manto!"

"The fu~"

But before he could finish, he was blasted away by a huge demonic wave!

Kuro who had taken over Yosiro's body, got up then said :

"Hehe! Let's dance!"

"What kind of lame ass line is tha~"

As soon as he said this, Kuro teleported behind him, and slashed him horizontally, then vertically, then twice diagonally! Then after one cool spin around, he sent a ball filled with the deadly black lightning straight into his stomach! And he disintegrated into ash instantly!

Tsubaki who could now move her body shouted:

"Z-Zai! Y-You k-killed ZAI!"

"Yeah, and I'm gonna kill you too."

Directly after saying this, he summoned the Infamous Daikonranha to his hand, and with one slash to the air, she was dragged to the blade, and with one more slash to her body, she was sliced into a million tiny pieces and she exploded!

'Huh! How does Kuro have the Daikoranha!? Only mom and Kurai can wield it! Unless... It can be...'

'Yep, you thought right, I'm controlling your body.'

'B-But how!?'

'As soon as Kuro killed the other vampire, I switched places with him, so he's with Yami right now.'


'Don't worry, your mom isn't angry at you.'

'Wait she isn't!?'

'No, she's furious.'


'Well anyway, I guess I'll help you finish these guys off till she comes.'

As soon as he said this and reopened his eyes, he was surrounded by 20 elite vampires.


"Hehehe! The puny Shinigami prince is scared."

"We'll see about that!"

Directly after he said this, he started surging with the demonic lightning, and after 3 seconds, he shouted:

"Shikirai Nagashi!"

'Wait no! Kurai don't!'


But it was too late, he already activated the ability Yosiro could never learn, Hasiro's ultimate technique!

But due to Yosiro being unable to fully master his fire abilities, the technique backfired! And all the demonic electricity which couldn't come out of his body, discharged, and all his organs were scorched!



"And the winner of this year's annual Jiyousuu Clan tournament is... The Shinigami Clan!"

As they heard this, the King, Queen and prince of the Shinigami Clan went up to the podium to collect their medals.

But as soon as they collected them, Yami sensed this indescribable feeling in her stomach.

"Sora! Hasiro! We have to go now!"

Hasiro, who was just about to go hang out with the princes and princesses of the other clans then said:

"B-But what about the after party."

Yami then gave him this ominous look, then telepathically told him.

'Is the after party more important than your brother's life!?'

But before he could respond, Sora grabbed his arm then transported him to the dojo roof.

While this was happening, the leaders of the other clans looked in awe. But they knew how Yami was and knew she could handle anything that came her way, since she was the Infamous Crimson Berserker!

After they were all on the dojo roof, the Shinigami Family flew as fast as they could to get to Yosiro's aid.

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