Chapter 4 : The Truth - Part 1

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~3 Days Later~

Once Yosiro was fully healed, he was sent to the real dimension, where he was greeted by the empty hospital room. But as he looked around the room, then down at himself, he saw that he was wearing different clothes.


"Y-Yes Yosi?"

"Where's my clothes!?"

"Oh those old things? I threw them away and bought you some better looking ones that'll fit your new look."

As she said this to him, he got up and looked in the mirror, where he saw himself clad in a stylish assassin styled black and white hoodie, with black pants and a pair of blue and white shoes. In essence, he changed from the generic prince look to a more sexy and stylish getup.

"Oh, actually I kinda like this look."

Yumi then gave him a smile and said:

"Hehe, I knew you would."

As he looked at her, he realized that she had also ditched the clothes she was wearing when she was in his conscience and instead had on a stylish black and white dress.

"Oh, I see we've got matching clothes."

"Hehe, yeah, I want the other vampires to know that your taken."

"Wait what? What other vampires!?"

"Oh yeah... I didn't tell you did I..."


"We're gonna visit one of my old friends, he lives at the west side of town."

"Huh? I thought you were gonna say that we were going on some deadly mission or something."

"Nah, were not doing nothing like that..."

'Well not yet at least...'




"What's wrong Yosi?"

As she asked this, he responded in a demented voice :

"Bl-Blood I-I need BLOOD!"

As he screamed for blood, his fangs sprouted out of his mouth and his eyes changed from the colour of the sun, to the colour of blood!



'Shit he's going out of control, and I'm all out of blood.'


As he screamed more and more, he started transforming once again, and in a matter of seconds, he had the appearance of a miniature Kuro.


'He's changed! He doesn't have control over himself anymore.'

"BITCH! I'm talking to you! Give me some fucking BLOOD!"

As he said this, he drew for his razor sharp claws and charged at her!

"Heh... I guess I have no choice then."

She then side stepped and dodged his barrage of slashes.


And directly after he was done slashing, she reappeared behind him with her hands consumed in a dark aura.

Then she said in a soft voice :

"Your wish is my command."


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