Chapter 9 : Blood Fued - Part 1

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"How far are we Sora?"

"Hmm... From the last time I visited that forsaken place, we just need to keep going West and we'll eventually get there."

"Mom, why don't we just teleport there?"

"Since it's the first we're going there and we don't have a mental image or map of how it looks to help us."

"Oh... But can't you just use dad's image and teleport us."

"Hmm... That might actually work."

After saying this, she did what her son said and it worked!

"Good thinking Hasiro it worked."



At seeing his mother's eyes widen, Hasiro said :

"W-What's wrong mom?"



"This place is infested with vampires!"

"So what? Your the Shinigami Queen, no one will mess with you."

"You don't understand Hasiro, if you get bitten by one of those things and they make you a vampire, you'll become their slave for all eternity."


As soon as he shouted this, a group of vampires surrounded them.


"Hasiro stay close to your mom, I'll handle this."

After Sora said this, he created a ice globe for his family to take refuge in, while he fought of the Vampires surrounding him.

"Aww, a family man!"

"That's so cute."

"...But cuteness won't keep you alive!"

Directly after they said this, they attacked! With one going in for his head, but as soon as she was about to bite him, he side stepped, then sliced off her head!


But before she could finish, Sora teleported behind her and slashed her body in halves!

"W-What!? How can a Tori-Clan member teleport? Unless..."

"Fuck! Guys get the fuck away from them, they're the Royal Shinigami family! Thats Sora Tori, and that red headed bitch over there is Yami Shinigami!"

As soon as they heard this, they sprouted their wings in less than a second, and flew as fast as they could in an attempt to get away.

But it was futile, as Yami used her telepathic powers and dragged them back to the ground!



"Close your ears."


"Don't question it Hasiro, just do what your mom says."

As soon as he did what he was told, Yami held the girl that called her a bitch by her neck then shouted:

"Now you little good for nothing bitch! Where the fuck is my other son?"

"If you ever lie I'm going to fucking slaughter you."

"H-He's in the Vampire Lord's Palace."

"And where's that?"

"It's that Castle at the top of that Hill."

"Hmm... Okay thanks alot bitch."

After saying this, she used her telepathic powers to shatter their organs and they all died instantly!

'Damn! I didn't know mom was such a savage!'

After doing this, they flew straight up in the sky, then located Kain's Castle. But once they tried to teleport, it failed.

"Huh? Why can't we teleport?"

"Hmm... Seems like TJ was right after all."


"Nevermind what I said, we can't teleport because the vampire lord knows that only Shinigami Clan members can beat him, so he did something to that Castle, that makes it impossible for us to teleport."


"So we're gonna have to fly instead."

After Sora said this, they flew as fast as they could to the palace. But as they flew, vampires from all directions started chasing them.

"M-Mom! They're chasing us."

"I know Hasi, just keep on flying with your dad, I'll finish them off."

Once she said this, she stopped in midair, then used her telepathic powers to drag them to her, then she shouted:

"Shikirai Nagashi!"

And they were all electrocuted to the point that they became ash, then vanished.

'Holy shit!'

As Hasiro thought this, and they came closer to the castle gate; something unexpected happened.


Another wave of vampires stood at the entrance, fully armed!


"Okay, Hasiro, this is your chance to show us how well a fighter you are."

'Yes! Finally!'

"I'll take the ones on the left, you take the ones on the right!"


As this occurred, Yami who had been trying to catch up to them, was surrounded by another wave of vampires.

Frustrated by the fact that there were so many of them, she shouted:

"Why the fuck are you assholes stopping us?"

And they responded:

"If we don't stop you, and you kill his majesty, we'll die along with him."

"What!? Then why the hell didn't you stop Yosiro!"

"Because we know he could never beat his majesty, while you're the Crimson Berserker, the one who killed the Tyrannical Tora Uin'nasoseji."

'I haven't heard that title ever since he died 25 years ago...'

"In any case, time to get rectified!"

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