Chapter 5 : The Truth - Part 2

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"I still don't like that I have to do that, but I guess it can wo~"

Yosiro fell to the ground immediately with blood flowing from his mouth.

"My... Stomach!"

'Damn it! It seems like we really are joined to her now...'

"Kuro... Help... Me..."

'If we don't save her soon... We're gonna die along with her.'


"Just calm down and breath, I'll save her."


Directly after he said this, he teleported to Yumi's aid, but it was just as he feared,
She was pinned to the ground by a serrated katana that looked identical to Yosiro's.


"Huh? Who's Yos~"

"Me bitch!"

As he said this, he sent his katana straight threw her stomach, then with one thrust, sliced her in half!



Directly after the blue headed vampire shouted this, Kuro teleported in front of her and with one clean strike, bisected her body!


But before the green haired vampire could finish calling out her friend's name, Kuro teleported behind her, and slashed her in half horizontally, then vertically, then diagonally, then did a spinning kick and she shattered into tiny pieces of flesh!

'What happened to Yosi!? He's so savage!'

As Yumi thought this, Kuro teleported to her; and while he was taking the katana out of her stomach, he shouted:

"So what are you 2 fags gonna do now? Just float in the sky looking at me?"

"No you asshole! We're gonna ki~"

But before they could finish, Kuro teleported between them, and with one powerful thrust of his arms, a huge wave of electricity surrounded and electrocuted them!

"Oops, to late."

After she saw Kuro's pure savagery, Yumi was dumbfounded and couldn't speak.

"So Yumi... you've been hiding something from us haven't you?"


"Don't play dumb! I read your mind when you were talking to Yosiro and I know you're hiding something from us."

'So Kuro's controlling his body.'

"Yeah I am... But you still haven't answered my question yet."

"Okay fine, I'll tell you the truth."

He then held her hand and transported her to Yosiro's subconscious.


"I teleported you."

"Oh... Well thanks..."

Yosiro who had been staring at her, then said:

"So... The truth..."

"Yeah... For you to understand what I'm about to say, I'm going to have to tell you some backstory."

"Uh... Okay."

"Okay so firstly, the Vampire Lord's real name is Kain. Its derived from both his mother and father's names, Kai and Rin Uin'nasoseji."

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