Chapter 8 : I'm On My Way Yumi!

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~A few hours later~

Yosiro awakens in a jail cell.

'Huh? Where the hell am I?'

'Seems like we're in a jail cell.'

'Wow they're really retarded aren't they? Don't they know I can just teleport out of the fucking cell.'

"Dont even try you little bitch."


"I read your mind, this cell is teleportation proof."

"You really think I'm retarded don't you? There's no way a jail cell can be teleportation proof."

After saying this he tried to teleport, but he failed.

"What the fuck!? I can't tele."

"Didn't I just tell you that, you retarded Shinigami? But don't worry, once his majesty marries Yumiko, he'll take you out of your misery."


As soon as be heard this, he exploded with rage and started screaming!


"Don't think you'll get away with this you dick!"

"Hehehe! And whose gonna stop me Yumiko?"

"Yosiro will!"

He then bursts out laughing.

"You really are dumb aren't you? My goons put that bitch in one of those teleportation proof cages, he's not coming out of that shit anytime soon!"


"Well anyway, let's get back to us shall we?"

"There is no us, you asshole, I love Yosiro and only him."

"Love is a strong word Yumiko, I don't even think you know the meaning."

"Even so... He can teach me the meaning!"

"Argh! Yumiko! Shut the fuck up about that scronny little boy!'

"Even if he's not as built as you, at least he doesn't tie me up!"

"Oh I know what'll change your opinion of me."

"Huh!? W-What are you doing!? G-Get off me!"



Yosiro somehow heard the voice of his beloved Yumiko. And he immediately used his possession powers to take control over the guard's body, and open the jail cell.

After this is done, he killed the guard, and ran as fast as he could to get to Yumiko. But as soon as be turned the corner, he got surrounded by 5 more goons.

"Fucking hell man..."

"Hehehe we caught yo~"

"Why don't you just shut the fuck up and die!"

He then tapped into his Vampyrc powers... And implodes their organs!

After doing this, he goes even faster, and turned another corner, where he met a dead-end.

"Fuck this!"

After saying this, he used his sensing ability, and found Yumiko and Kain, at the 50th floor, so he sprouted his wyvern wings and soared to the floor.



But as soon as he arrived, he saw Kain on top of Yumiko.

Kain who sensed his presence then said:

"Ah, and here he is now, the brave and gallant hero who will save the day."


"What little cousin? Why can't you speak? Is your tongue tied?"


"Oh, your upset because I'm fucking your precious Yumiko? No need to worry, she likes it."

As soon as he heard this, he exploded with rage and flew with supersonic speed and kicked him off of Yumi!

Where he was shocked once he looked at her.

"Hehehe, don't worry Yosiro, she's above us."

He then looked up, and saw Yumiko completely naked, tied up by a thin rope.

"Hehehe, I might be twisted, but I wouldn't fuck someone without their consent."


"Hmm, still speechless I see, I'm sure this'll make you talk."

He then squeezed his right arm and Yumi's organs began tearing apart! As she screamed as loud as she could but with her voice muffled by the rope, Yosiro shouted:

"You sadistic asshole! I'm gonna fucking slaughter you!"

And Kain responded:

"That's the spirit!"

As soon as he said this, he materialised his katana, then charged straight at Kain, but as soon as he got close enough, Kain used his telepathic power to push him away.

"Hehehe, you better find some other way to approach me Yosiro, or I'll just have to force you to."

After he said this, he squeezed his arm once again, and Yumiko screamed even louder!

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