The Prologue

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'This guy... Always thinking he's the shit or something... When he's actually just shit!'

"What did you just say!?"

"I said... You're absolute and utter shit!"

"Heh, you got words now when mom and dad aren't around. Why don't you back that up with some action?"

"Heh, don't think just cause you got those shitty fire powers that you can beat me!"

"Oh... I don't need to think, I already know they're better than your retarded ice abilities."

After hearing his older brother's remark about his beloved ice abilities, Yosiro shouted:

"Now you just shut the fuck up! Don't you ever, EVER say that again you little Fag!"

'Hehe he's so predictable, I got him upset again.'

"Your RETARDED ice powers are complete and utter shit!"


"I'm going to fucking kill you Hasiro!"

"Heh, that's what they all say..."

Directly after he said this, Yosiro teleported behind Hasiro and punched him in his back. Hasiro then teleported behind him and clenched unto his arm while he gave off a smirk and shouted.

"Rai Nagashi!"


"See that Yosiro? That's the power of a true Shinigami King, not a knock off like you, with you blue hair and ice abilities!"

While struggling to get out of the electric field, Yosiro squealed.

"S-Sh-Shut Up!"

"No! The truth hurts doesn't it Yosiro? Its clear as day that no matter how hard you try and train you'll only be wasting your days, cause a Shinigami Hybrid can never become the King. NEVER!"

Directly after he heard this, Yosiro exploded with rage and absorbed the electricity!

'What the fuck!?'

But as soon as Hasiro thought this, Yosiro teleported into the sky and shouted:


And with that, he formed a huge electric sphere completely immersed in water and went down on his brother.


'If only I didn't do that... I wouldn't be in this position right now...'


"No Yosiro! NO!"

"Just shut the fuck up and DIE!"


'If I only didn't...'



As he screamed, a huge electric wave seeped from the sky and unto his body!


And Yosiro quickly plummeted from the sky and into the ocean... Where he was met by the face of a familiar reaper, Kuro.

"Hehe, good job Yosiro, you totally owned your brother."

"N-No I K-Killed him!"

"Calm down Yosiro it isn't that bad."

"Isn't that bad!? I just fucking killed my brother! The next King of the fucking Shinigami clan! How is that not bad?!?"

"Because your mom has that ability remember?"

"Oh yeah...."

"...Now that I think about it, you're actually right, I should head ba~"



"If you go back home right now while your mom's still angry, she'll do 'it' again."

"Oh yeah you're right."

"And most importantly, Kurai will make me do the training again..."

"Oh! So that's the real reason, you just don't want to get scolded by Kurai."

"You don't understand Yosiro.... You don't know what it's like living with such a strict reaper..."

"He doesn't let anything go over his head... And if we don't do our protective roles as he sees fit, he'll make us do this long ass guardian training..."

Immediately, Yosiro burst out laughing.

"Your so pitiful Kuro."


"Well anyway, what's going on with my body in the real dimension."

"I'm controlling it right now, and I'm taking you to the closest place to land. And from my calculations, that place is the continent Jigoku."

'Wow I've heard so much about that place.'

"Hehe, and you have a relative that lives there."

"Really!? Who is she?"

"Nah, it's a guy, he's around 24 and is widely acclaimed around this continent."

"Really!? I've got a famous cousin."

"Y-Yeah you can call it that."


"Let's just say he's someone you won't want to meet..."

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