Chapter 3 : The Transformation

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"Nah this can't be happening..."

"...This must be a fucking dream..."

"...Yeah, I'm just having one of those lucid dreams..."

"...Yeah that's it."

'Yosiro sounds just like his mom when she first saw Kurai.'

As he marvelled in disbelief, his appearance started morphing! First he started growing 2 retractable fangs, then his complexion changed from tan to pale... Then his hair, from sky blue to Teal.

'It's finally happening...'

"W-What's happening to me!?"

"Your changing Yosi, your transforming into a vampire, like me."

"NO! This can't be fucking happening... NO! I can't go back home a vampire!"


As he screamed and stressed, the Vampyrc morphing spread to Kuro, and his reaper appearance was changed! First his bones started growing muscle, then skin grew over the muscle! And after a few seconds of morphing, the once sinister looking Reaper with a black hooded trench coat and Scythe; now had the appearance of a supersized human clad in a black and white Kimono! And his trusty scythe that he always held in his right hand was replaced by a supersized version of Yosiro's serrated katana, surging with the demonic attribute and engulfed in a chilly aura.


"You've both transformed."

Kuro and Yosiro then shouted in Unsion:

"NO! NO! NO!"

"If you guys don't stop stressing, the transformation will transcend."

"How can we not stress!? Just a few hours ago we were safe and sound at the palace, and now we're in this hellish continent with bloodthirsty creatures lurking around ever corner..."

Kuro then continued Yosiro's ranting:

"And most importantly, we're fucking vampires!"

As they ranted, the transformation which had stopped, resumed! And Yosiro's sky blue eyes changed to the colour of Yumi's, Amber!

Eventually, the transformation was completed! And in the end, Yosiro had the appearance of a male version of Yumi!

While Kuro had Silver hair, Crimson-red eyes, razor sharp fangs, snow-white skin, and a pair of Wyvern wings; clad in a stylish black and white Kimono and equipped with the demonic attributed serrated katana engulfed in a electric chilly aura!

'Aww even the ugly reaper looks cute now!'

"Huh!? W-Where's my scythe!?"

"It's on your back silly."

He then turned and looked at his back, where he saw the scythe floating in mid air, as if it was in an invisible scabbard.

"Oh... Thank the heavens, I thought I lost it forever!"

'Wait did she just call me silly? She would normally be spewing insults at me!'

"I did didn't I? Hehe..."

"Well anyway, Yosi and Kuro, you guys are vampires now and since I was the one that turned you guys..."

She then stop, and said in a villainous voice:

"...You belong to me forever!"

"Wait what!? I saw the vision, and I'm pretty sure I saw that blue haired vampire bitting me."

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