Chapter 2 : A Little Fun

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A few hours later, Yosiro's meditation was interrupted by a constant feminine voice in his head, and he awoke in a hospital bed with a bite mark on his neck and a splitting headache.

'Hehehe, good morning sunshine, for your looks you do pretty well.'

"Who the hell are you?"

'Oh I'm just your secret admirer.'

'The Fuck!?'

'Don't worry about it Yosiro honey, you did great.'

"What the fuck is this hoe talking about? And why does she keeps saying I did well... I don't even know who she is or what she's talking about."

'I really didn't like that you called me, your future wife a hoe, but it's okay since I love you so much.'

"Nah something's definitely up, I'm gonna see what Kuro has to say about this."


Once he arrived in his conscience, he saw this beautiful, slender and pale-skinned, teal haired teenage girl with the most beautiful smile he ever saw, in her underwear.

'OMG, OMG, OMG! Who's this girl!? Why's she in my conscience! And most importantly, why is she so pretty!'

"Hehehe, I knew you would feel the same way about me too."


"Well to answer your question, my name is... Come closer and I'll tell you."

'The hell is wrong with this girl.'

"Okay if you don't want to tell me your name, can you at least tell me what you are and how you're even able to come in here."

"Okay I'll tell you, but first you need to come closer."

"Okay? I guess I'm forced to go over there then, cause it seems like your not gonna tell me nothing."

With a smirk she responded:

"Glad we finally met at an agreement Yosi."

He then teleported to her, but once he was there, she vanished.

"The hell? I came closer and now you've vanished..."

"Hehehe come chase me."

'What kind of demented girl is this?'

"The kind that will keep playing until she get what she wants."


"Nah! I don't have time for this shit. I got places to go and hoes to meet. And even though your pretty as hell, if you don't stop this shit, I'm gonna have to take you down."

"Oh is that a challenge Yosi."

"Yeah, it is!"

"Okay, well let's see what your made off."


Directly after he said this, he materialized his serrated katana in his right hand; but as soon as he did this, she soared from the heavens, and with the demonic attribute activated, slashed him with her claws so much times that he fell to the ground powerless!

"Hehehe, now do what I say or I'll kill you!"

'Somebody help me!'

With a demented smile she whispered:

"No one can help you now Yosi... no one at all..."

"What did I ever do to you and why do you want to kill me."

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