Chapter 38|Touché, my rabbit friend

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"My tattoo is gone," Caleb said to me in dismay.

"What do you mean it's gone. You know that tattoos are permanent right?"

"I know that H, but it's just gone."

"I'm sure you're just overreacting, it's not like a magic trick, you can't just go abracadabra and-"

He turned around and pulled down neck of his shirt so that his shoulder was showing (he refused to wear hospital gowns and claimed that they were all trying to look at his butt). Aside from a jagged scar which was probably a few inches long, there was nothing.

"Where did it...where did it go?" I asked, utterly confused. I mean yeah, he'd been shot, but that doesn't just come as a built in tattoo remover.

"It's holidaying in Hawaii," he said blankly.

"Your sarcasm game is strong today." I commented.

"My sarcasm game is always strong," he admitted modestly.

I shook my head. "I worry about you."

"You know what I worry about?"


"How much this is going to hurt when I put myself through the skin stabbing process again. People who say that shit doesn't hurt are lying. They're crying on the inside."

"You're getting it redone?" I asked curiously, ignoring his interesting perspective. I was kind of used to it.

"Of course," he replied like it was an obvious choice. "But I'll definitely get it on my other shoulder. This scar makes me look badass."

I snorted. "Yeah sure, whatever you say, Batman."

He sighed, throwing his hands in the air. "What did I tell you about exposing my true identity!? I can't just superman my ass out of this dump if the bad guys come after me. I should be able to though. Why does superman get to fly, but not batman? DC needs to get their priorities straight. Bats can fly, supers can't. Supers aren't even a thing, so I win."

"Yeah bro, you win," I said. "You know, if I didn't know you, and you weren't, well, you, then I say that you're high right now."

He grinned. "No, you're the one that's high H, high on my personality."

"See," I said as if proving my point. "Definitely not sane."

"Ahh, but I never had a claim to sanity."

I patted his head. "Your future is bright."

"And yours is..." he trailed off as he stared at something behind me. "Am I hallucinating or is there a safari animal outside my door?"

I frowned, turning around to find Ryan leaning against the doorframe.

I rolled my eyes. "Safari animal, really?"

He grinned sheepishly. "What? Giraffes are safari animals."

"And you're a moron," I said pointedly.

I heard Caleb reply with an 'ouch' as I walked over to Ryan. His lips quirked upwards.

"Hey," I greeted. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, I went to your house to pick you up so we could go to school together, but you weren't there. Your dad told me you were here."

"Oh," I said, nodding in understanding. "But I thought you said you weren't going to school today."

I was happy to see him, don't get me wrong, but it was only the day after the funeral and I figured he would need some time to himself before he started interacting with people again.

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