Chapter 32|You ate a serial killer?

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Tara's feet were on the dash of my jeep. I started squeezing the steering wheel in order to not try and strangle her, crash the vehicle, and kill us both.

Then she started chipping off her pink nail polish. It wasn't just falling on the floor, which probably would have still made me wanted to attack her, it was going all over the fucking place and she didn't even seem to notice.

I sighed frustratedly, adjusting my seatbelt, which suddenly had the overwhelming urge to restrict the air flow to my lungs, which was very contradictory to its purpose. Seatbelt's are supposed to stop you from dying, not kill you by suffocation.

Tara suddenly burst into song, turning the radio up so loud that one of my hands automatically left the wheel in order to try and protect my ears. Tara was lucky that my instinct wasn't to remove both hands because otherwise we would currently be running down the mailman. I quickly turned the radio down with one hand, only for Tara to turn it up again. "I like this song!" She yelled, and I mean yelled. I wouldn't have heard her if she was speaking normally, or using her 'inside voice' as she called it. "Selena Gomez is the bomb!" She shouted as an afterthought. I made a face of disgust, and yes, I know people are going to detest my dislike for Selena Gomez, but I'm just not a fan. Sorry, not sorry.

I turned the radio down again and Tara pouted, continuing to chip off her nail polish. I'm sure she was very unaware of the fact that I was slowing losing my shit. I kept my eyes on the road, even though I was very conscience of what was happening in the passenger seat. All of a sudden I saw a very pink flake land on my hand. I clenched my teeth together, and gripped the steering wheel tighter. My knuckles were turning white, and if I clutched the wheel any tighter I feel like I might have actually made a permanent mark.

Tara remained oblivious and started humming an annoying tune.

"Tara.." I warned.

She raised her eyebrows. "What?"

"Stop doing that," I said in a dangerously calm voice.

"Doing what?" She asked obliviously.

"EVERYTHING!" I exploded.

She shrunk back into her seat, her feet sliding off the dash and landing on the floor with a thump. She crossed her arms over her chest, and pouted, looking down at her lap like a child who had just been scolded.

"Who sprinkled the bitchy dust on your cereal this morning?" She muttered rhetorically.

I just rolled my eyes, pulling into the school parking lot. I smiled when I saw there was an open spot right near the actual school building. It was a rare occurrence that one of those spots wasn't occupied. I carefully drove around the other cars, some of which weren't parked well at all. I started pulling into the park when a sunshine yellow mini came from the other direction, cutting in front of me.

"Shit!" I screeched, slamming my foot as hard as I could on the brakes. Elmo stopped with a jolt. It took a moment for my panic attack to subside, and to remember how to breathe again. I looked a Tara, who was wearing a facial expression of pure and utter terror. I'm sure I was wearing a similar expression. I didn't even need to look to know who the owner of the car was. Only one person around here had a yellow car, and only one person would be stupid enough to ignore the one way rule in the parking lot. There were arrows painted on the ground to avoid this exact situation.

I waited for my hands to stop shaking slightly before I started to back up. In that time Erika had exited her car, waved at us and shaken her ass all the way into the building. Tara responded in the appropriate manner, flipping her the bird, and yelling 'fuck you' repeatedly. I eventually found another parking spot. It was nowhere near as good as the other one.

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