Chapter 9|The tooth fairy is a boy?

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I stared wide eyed and open mouthed as Ryan devoured the forkful of pancake.

"But...but...that was mine!" I spluttered.

Ryan finally stopped chewing, swallowing my poor pancake. "Very true, the key word in that sentence being was."

I looked at him, mortified at how casual he was being. He just ate my food. My food. The police should have been there, arresting him for stealing. Didn't he know it's a crime to take someone's food without asking?

"You have no idea what you just got yourself into," Tara said to Ryan, glancing at me wearily.

I narrowed my eyes, glaring at the food thief who was grinning his ass off. Little bastard.

"You know, I would consider myself a very kind, considerate human being. But when food comes into the equation, all that shit goes out the window. I would also like to point out that food is spelt 'F-O-O-D'. Nowhere in there are the letters 'W-E'. That's why 'f' and 's' are so far apart in the alphabet; because food and sharing hate each other." I paused for a moment, thinking about fudge sauce. The words fudge and sauce were practically made for each other so maybe I just contradicted myself.

I shook away my thought, carrying on with my rant. "What if this is the last meal I have in weeks? What if that piece of pancake you just ate would have made me last the few hours until my rescue?" I looked around at the surprised faces, internally sighing.

"Sorry, I really don't think I've evolved from my cavewoman days."


The rest of the day was spent watching movies and playing stupid games like truth or dare, which was really only truth because no one could be bothered to get up to do a dare.

Jasmine had gone home, saying that she needed to paint her nails or some shit like that. I didn't care as long as she kept quiet.

I had a lot on my mind as the six of us sat watching Jaws, sprawled across the couch and the floor. Now usually I would have been scared out of my mind, but I was thinking. I could see the pictures moving but my brain wasn't really engaging. I was thinking about my sketchbook, about Ryan, about my mom, but mostly I was thinking about Caleb. I hadn't heard from him since my mother so kindly ended the call. To say I was worried would be an understatement.

I felt a nudge on my right arm. "Hey, Sunshine?" He whispered.


"Whatcha thinking about?"

I sighed, why not tell him the truth?

"My brother. I haven't heard from him in a while and it's freaking me out."

He motioned for me to move closer and I did. He wrapped one long arm around me, pulling my head to his chest.

My heart started beating at a million miles a minute due to our close proximity.

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