Chapter 34|Get your miserable ass away from me

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Okay, so you've probably noticed that I have a new cover, which is amazing. Thanks @ilovepizaaaa :)

But can we please just acknowledge this masterpiece that she sent me by accident. Yes, this one didn't even make the final cut. That is talent you guys. You should all go and follow her right now.

Now read on, young grasshoppers.


Ryan's eyes fluttered open. He frowned when he saw my face. "Sunshine, you look exhausted."

I rolled my eyes, smiling. "Thanks."

Good, good, cover up your suspicions with sarcasm.

"Seriously though," he said, looking me straight in the eyes. "Did you get any sleep last night?"

I couldn't take my eyes off his because then he would be able to tell that I was lying to him. Instead, I playfully smacked his shoulder. "I slept fine, stop worrying."

"If you say so," he replied, rolling onto his back.

I propped myself up on my elbows. "How did you sleep?"

He looked at me out of the corner of his eye as if he was judging whether he could get away with lying to me or not. He shrugged. "Fine."


"If you say so," I repeated.

"Hey," he said, flicking my hair with his hand. "That's my line."

"So it is." I looked out the window, frowning at how high the sun was in the sky. "What's the time?"

Ryan grabbed his phone. "Nine thirty."

My eyes widened at the same time Ryan cursed. We both scrambled out of bed, not before getting tangled in the sheets and falling on my butt though. I ran out of Ryan's room, down the hall and burst through Archie's bedroom door.

"Guys, get up we are so...late," the words died on my lips as I realised I was talking to thin air. Both Archie and Jasmine were gone. Vanished, poof.

Ryan walked in behind me.

"They're gone," I informed him.

He peered around the room, looking under the bed and in the closet.

"Well they can't have gone far," he reasoned.

He finally checked the bottom bunk where Jasmine had been sleeping. On the pillow lay a folded piece of paper. Ryan unfolded it, letting out a relieved sigh and rolling his eyes at the same time as he read it. He walked towards me, handing over the note.

I took foetus and blondie to school. I didn't wake you because I couldn't tell if you guys were naked or not.

I snorted at Evans very non descriptive note.

"What did he even send Jasmine to school with? Her backpack and all her school stuff is at home."

"Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if he gave her a trash bag as a replacement for her backpack," Ryan said.

"That's reassuring."


Ryan and I took separate vehicles to school since he had somewhere to be straight after, and I was going to the hospital to see Caleb anyway. We arrived at the same time, just in time for second period, which was quite convenient and spared me the embarrassment of walking in during the middle of a class.

We walked together through the parking lot and then down the main corridor of the school.

"What do you have?" Ryan asked, just as the bell rung to signal the end of first period.

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