Chapter 6|Go hug a cactus you asshole

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We arrived at school late. I had never been late to school in my life. It was kind of a fear actually, I just hated being late.

Ryan didn't seem to care, in fact he was whistling to himself, without a care in the world. Me on the other hand, well I was freaking out.

To make it worse we had the same class first. Which meant we'd walk in at the same time, and with teenagers being the losers they are, that meant they'd assume things that most definitely weren't true. That would start rumours and it goes on. It's a vicious cycle.

I was walking ahead of Ryan, as if I thought that the few extra seconds would decrease my chance of detention or public humiliation in the form of Mrs Hartley. Her villain name would be Giganta Woman.

I came to a stand still outside the classroom of hell. Letting out a breath I twisted the doorknob and gently pushed the door. It squeaked a loud squeak, causing all heads to turn in my direction in a Mexican wave type motion. It would have been cool if I wasn't practically shitting myself.

"Ahh Miss Harper, I'm so glad to see that you've finally decided to grace us with your presence."

Yes, she was that kind of teacher.

I didn't say anything because she was the kind of person who got satisfaction out of other people's humiliation.

I felt a presence behind me, which I knew was Ryan, but I didn't dare to turn around.

"And Mr Martinez,"she said with a smirk, wheeling towards us in her wheelchair. I noticed that the closer she got, the bigger her double chins got. More like quadruple chins actually.

"Yessir!"Ryan shouted, I couldn't see him but we was probably mock saluting.

Mrs Hartley rolled her eyes, shifting in her chair. I watched as the slight motion shifted her body weight, causing her stomach to wobble like jello. Feeling suddenly nauseated, I forced myself to drag my eyes back to her face, which wasn't a hell of a lot better to look at.

"Miss Harper, care to explain why both you and Mr Martinez are late at the same time?"she asked, raising an eyebrow challengingly.

Not really.

I gulped. "Uhh...well, my car wouldn't start so I started walking, then Ryan gave me a ride-

"I'm sure he gave you a ride!"some asshole shouted from near the back of the class, triggering hooting and catcalls from the brain dead football players. One too many concussions.

A chair scraped and before I could locate the source of the disruption, the person was up and out of their seat.

"Go hug a cactus, you asshole,"said a voice which unmistakably belonged to none other than my best friend. This was followed my a loud thump. Tara had smacked him over the head with her notebook.

"Bitch!"he yelped, cradling his head.

"Oh, go and step on a Lego would you?"she retorted.

"That's quite enough, Miss Ward,"Mrs Hartley scolded.

Tara huffed, falling back into her seat.

"Now,"Mrs Hartley said, clearing her throat,"You don't really expect me to believe that excuse, do you?"

"Yes,"I replied.

"Well I don't."

"Well you should."

"Why should I, Miss Harper?"

"Because that's what happened!"I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air. "If you don't believe me then ask him, he was there too,"I said, pointing to Ryan over my shoulder.

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