Chapter 11|I'm practically a fish

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Anyways, there has been some confusion about Caleb, Hazel's bro. He is 100% alive. I repeat alive. I wouldn't just kill him off without even introducing you guys, that's just rude.

And for you guys who don't read authors notes, this is important so....



Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine looking down and seeing my own flesh and blood plastered to hundreds of posters. Yet there I was, standing in the middle of the hallway as everyone watched with baited breath.

It felt like his cruel eyes were boring into my soul, searching for any glimmer of light to snatch and leave me like him. Soulless, heartless, cruel, a criminal.

The mugshot on the poster was very familiar. Too familiar. I had drawn it. It finally dawned on me what had been so special about the very last page in my sketchbook. I'd drawn it from memory after my first and only visit to the Pelican Bay State Prison. I was so disgusted and angry when I got home that under the drawing I wrote:

Dominic Carabello
Rapist and murderer
The monster.

All of that was also on the poster. To make matters worse, if they can get any worse than your criminal of a birth father being waved around on sheets of paper, I was also on the posters. Half of the paper was taken up by my face and half by his. The picture of me wasn't necessarily bad, but whoever had done this had been extremely smart in picking one that showed all of our similarities. Below my picture was my full name, followed by, 'Daughter of Dominic Carabello.'

I was way beyond upset as I shoved the poster at Ryan's chest and stormed down the hallway. I was livid. I was pissed. I forcefully snatched the posters from people's hands as I stomped past, they protested but I didn't stop, I was on a warpath. Let those bitches get paper cuts.

I knew without a doubt who the culprit was, not that she could have made it anymore obvious with her threats the day before, but at least I knew for sure who it was. I knew there had to have been an accomplice because there was no way Erika could have joined the dots by herself. It would have to be someone who was good with computers, someone smart, someone artistic, and someone who I wouldn't suspect.

I rounded the corner to be greeted by a group of sniggering blondes, Erika at the centre of the bitch pack.

"Look girls, it's Hazel Harper," she smiled humourlessly, "or do you go by Hazel Carabello now?"

That hit a nerve. I stared at her murderously.

"Do you enjoy making other people's lives miserable?" I stepped closer and her eyes widened, realising just how pissed I was. She tried to move away, stepping backwards only to have her back hit the lockers with a bang.

"What's the matter? Scared?" I taunted.

"N-no," she said with forced confidence, but the stutter enforced the fact that she was indeed scared out of her mind.

Scared of little ole me? What an empowering feeling.

I took a step back, taking my stance.

"This is on behalf of all the people who have ever had the displeasure of dealing with you in their lifetime."

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