Chapter 26|You have no shame

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I could see him looking at me in my peripheral vision. It was easy to tell with those big blue orbs that were practically piercing my soul. I slowly turned my body to the right, thinking that once I caught him staring, he'd look away, get embarrassed or something. But he didn't. He just kept on staring. His face started inching ever so slowly towards mine, his eyes examining my features, before settling on his intended target. My lips. I swallowed nervously. It's not like I'd never kissed a guy before, because I had, in like freshman year, but that was a dare and the guy was just as inexperienced as I was. His hands moved to gently cup my face and my eyes subconsciously fluttered closed. He was so close to me that I could hear and feel his breath on my face, and then...

"I told you they were up here you freaktard, her shoes are at the bottom of the stairs!"

There was a bunch of mumbling as I heard footsteps on the steps.

My eyes shot open and I instinctively took a step back, consequently pulling my face out of his grip. Ryan was looking in the direction of the voices with his jaw taunt and a pissed expression on his face.

I saw the duo emerge, a girl with red hair, and a guy with light brown hair. Tara and Kyle.

They walked over to where we stood.

"You missed your crowning," Tara said to Ryan.

He frowned. "What?"

"You were prom king dude," Kyle clarified.

His face contorted in disgust. "Who was queen?" He glanced at me, then looked back at Kyle.

"Take a guess, I dare you."

"Erika," I answered for him.

"How'd you guess?" Tara asked dryly.


"I want to knock that stupid crown off her big ass head and then rip out those fucking extensions!" She seethed.

"Woah, easy tiger," Kyle said, laying a hand on her shoulder.

She glared at him. "Why tiger? Is it because of my hair? Did you just compare me to a killer? You know what? I'm leaving, and don't follow me or I'll kick you in the family jewels." She stomped across the pavement, disappearing down the stairs.

I threw back my head and laughed. Kyle stared at me passively.

"Why are you still here?"

"She told me not to follow her."

"You're not the one she's upset with, you just happened to say something that offended her."

" what do I do?"

"Follow her dammit!"

He scurried after her.

"She's so going to kick him in the balls isn't she?" Ryan asked.



The car ride home mostly consisted of Kyle keeling over in pain and Tara apologising profusely for kicking him where the sun don't shine. They were in the backseat, and considering that Kyle wasn't exactly in any condition to drive, Ryan had offered.

We pulled up outside Tara's house, Tara claiming that she'd take care of Kyle, seeing as it was her fault that he was almost castrated.

Ryan and I decided to walk home so we wouldn't have to return Mr Wards car the next day, or run the risk of someone accidentally scratching it, then both of us having to cough up the money for repairs. It wasn't far so I didn't mind, my toes didn't like it though. I yanked the hem of my dress up to my knees in an unladylike manor, removing the toe squashers from my feet.

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