Chapter 18|Where the hell are we?

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"Pull over."

I glanced across at the passenger seat where Ryan's knuckles were turning white as he braced himself against the dash of my jeep. Sure, maybe I was going a little faster than what was legal, but it was completely necessary. So I ignored the demand for me to pull over.

"I said pull over," Ryan repeated with a glare.

"I heard you the first time, but we're on a time sensitive mission here," I replied. Clearly he didn't understand my urgency.

"Sunshine, I'm warning you." I looked at him briefly. He did look a little green, so I gave in and pulled onto the side of the road. I really didn't want to be cleaning puke from my seats any time soon. He climbed out of the passenger seat, walking around the vehicle, until he reached my door. He yanked it open.

"Get out."

I frowned. What did he mean get out? He couldn't kick me out of my own car. You can't just go around doing that kind of thing.


He sighed. "Just do it."

"Fine," I huffed, removing my seatbelt.

He took my place, and I walked sulkily to take my place sitting shotgun.

We sat in silence for probably close to half an hour as all the scenery blurred together. The radio was playing some crappy pop song that I didn't know, and Ryan was tapping his fingers to the beat on the steering wheel.

I eventually broke the silence. "I still don't get why I can't drive."

Ryan rolled his eyes. "Sunshine, I know how badly you want to see your brother, but with the way you were driving you would've killed us both before we got there."

I sighed, knowing that he was right. Wasn't he always?

I stared at his profile while he drove and I couldn't see any flaws. He had a perfectly even skin tone, a symmetrical nose, and flawless skin, not to mention his abnormally long eyelashes, and wasted on a guy. Surely this guy was to good to be true. There must have been something about him that wasn't completely perfect. I had a lightbulb moment. He must be gay. That was the only explanation I had, but then again he did date Erika, which still kinda makes sense. One dose of Erika would be enough to make any straight man want to bat for the other team.

"Like what you see sunshine?" Ryan asked, his lips pulling upwards into a smirk.

Hell yeah.

"Are you gay?"

He launched into a massive coughing fit, trying hard to keep his eyes on the road. He caught his breath, steadying his hands on the wheel.

"It was just a question, no need to be so dramatic. It's okay if you are, I was just wonderi-"

"I'm not gay sunshine."

"Oh," I blinked. "Why didn't you just say that the first time?"

"You kinda caught me off guard, it's not exactly a question I get asked everyday."

I shrugged, turning my head to look out the window. In a way I kinda wished he was gay, not only because gay people make great friends, and I would no longer have to shop with Tara, but if he was gay I'd have no choice but to get over the little crush I'd developed on him, because clearly he wouldn't be able to return my feelings. Not that he would return my feelings anyway, but in my head, if he wasn't gay I still stood a chance.

Selfish? Maybe, but I couldn't help myself.


I blinked, confused at why my face was squished against the window. It was literally sliding across the slippery surface as we drove down a long, straight road.

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