Chapter 45- Penny

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Chapter 45- Penny

Dylan's POV

Maya and I sit on a bench across the road from the entrance to Disney. In twenty minutes the guard will leave and we are going to break in. I've done something like this before but never this big. This is Disneyland for Pete's sake.

I look at Maya and then back down at the ground. I can't believe she is actually doing this.

She leans her head against my arm, it would be my shoulder but I'm taller than her by quite a bit so her head doesn't reach my actual shoulder yet, its not far off though, maybe a few centimeters.

I smile down at her. "Penny for your thoughts?" I say in a whisper. She looks up at me, "Why we're you scared to tell me you liked me? I get that you're not the dating type but if you liked me then..." she looks down at the ground.

I sigh, should I tell her the truth? I dont know if I can. I shut my eyes, taking in a deep breath. Okay, I have to do this.

"So there was this girl that I met three years ago, she was nice and I guess I liked her, her name was Olivia. She told me she liked me too when I confessed I liked her and so we started dating. I don't know how but I ended up falling in love with her.

"Love was never something I took lightly, especially after my parents got divorced and so I told her I loved her but she said that I was just a joke to her and she dated me for a bet.

"After that I was terrified of being hurt again and so I decided to use girls the way a girl once used me. I didn't care about them and played with them like they were dolls.

"When I started talking to you, I don't know. It was weird, at first there was nothing but then suddenly all these little things that you did started driving me crazy and I guess I just fell for you..." I say, taking her hand and squeezing it.

It feels so good to tell someone the truth. Its not a huge thing that I went through, my parents aren't dead, I didn't have a huge problem, I didn't cut myself or become suicidal but it still broke me.

It's the tiny pieces of glass that can make you go blind.

She stays silent but smiles to herself. I want to know how she knew Theo. When she saw him she looked terrified. I dont know what she was thinking, helping me do my dads dirty work.

"I'll let you keep the penny if you tell me your thought." Maya says and smiles lightly at me. "What did Theo do to you?" I whisper and she freezes.

I shouldn't have asked. Maybe it was the wrong time. I want everything between us to be honest and I dont want us to hide stuff so I need to know now.

After a while of silence, she starts explaining to me who he is and what he did to her. Once she is done there is more silence to follow until I break it, "If I knew this before I would have pitch slapped him so hard his man boobs would have concaved." I state and Maya starts laughing.

I watch her with a smile on my face as she laughs. She is so perfect. No, she's not perfect. Being perfect is overrated but she is mine and she is beautiful and she means everything to me. It makes me so happy when I make her laugh.

We both go silent as we see a car driving out the gigantic parking lot of the theme park. The boom gate closes behind the car as it exits the parking and speeds off into the darkness.

It's time.

I hand Maya a black skii make and we run across the parking lot and through the bars of the gates.

These gates are as useful as white crayons.

"Wait here." I tell her when we make it into the front of the park. There's a Micky mouse statue in the bushes and Maya looks at it, grinning like the cat from Alice in Wonderland.

I turn on my heels and run towards a building that has the control panels for the park.


Maya's POV

I stand and wait as Dylan runs towards a small brick building. I can't believe we got into the park that easy. I guess most people know its useless breaking into a park if nothing works and all the lights are off.

There's probably still an alarm but it only activates when you touch anything and we haven't touched anything except the floor so I guess we are good for now.

After a few minutes have passed, a loud sound, like a motorbike, reverberates around the entire park. Oh my god, I'm going to jail.

All the lights in the park slowly start turning on, I stare up at the roller coasters and buildings as they light up like fireworks.

I see Dylan climbing out of the vent of the building and I grin at him, "This is amazing." I state and look back up at the lit up buildings

It feels like a dream.


Okay so yeah, this doesn't have this much Disney but the next chapter definitely will. I hope you guys liked it... Penny for your thoughts? Oh and remember, obviously the security is better in Disney but this is a book so just keep that in mind ;P Dont try this at home kids! xD

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