Chapter 1- Romeo and Juliet

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Chapter 1- Romeo and Juliet


Ew, all the people in my class are disgusting and I need to leave this planet before all these idiots find a way to accidentally blow it up.

Trust me; I do not doubt that these delinquents will find a way to do such a thing.

I sigh and lean my head on my desk. I'm in English literature and we all just wrote a ten page essay on why Romeo and Juliet killed themselves and what it symbolizes. My hand is so numb that if I bite it, I probably won't feel it. I'm done writing my essay and I still have twenty minutes extra.

Something hits me on the head and ricochets onto the floor. I scrunch my eyebrows, looking around for the idiot that threw the stupid ball at my head. My eyes land on Dylan who is grinning at me from the back of the class.

Dylan Thompson. Named after the famous football player, coincidentally, both of them are quarterbacks. Dylan is, and it is hard to admit, very easy on the eyes. He has brown eyes and sandy brown hair. Although he is as annoying as that piece of gum that gets stuck at the bottom of your favorite shoe.

Dylan points to the paper and mouths the words 'read it'. I pick it up and open it.

Hey nerd, what does Romeo and Juliet killing themselves symbolize?

What an idiot. I sigh and pick up my pencil to reply. I roll the ball down the aisle to Dylan, watching as he reads it, his grin disappears as he sees my amazingly drawn picture of a hand pointing the middle finger.

I shall be the next Picasso.

He looks back up and sees me staring at him and trying not to smile. He throws the note back at my head and I glare at him then open the note.

Stop staring at me nerd, if you want to have sex with me just ask and stop imagining it.

My face goes red from embarrassment and I scrunch the ball up. Whenever I get really mad or embarrassed my face turns a deep shade of red and I end up looking like an ugly tomato. What a pervert. He thought I was imagining having sex with him? Ugh, I hate him so much.

Why do I hate him?

Well, first of all, he is an egotistical little man whore that sleeps with tons of airheaded sluts for entertainment. He also thinks he can get whatever he wants, which he does by the way. Almost every girl in this school is totally in love with Dylan because he is a "bad boy". Apparently girls love that nonsense. Except me of course. If I could, I would rip out his guts and hang it in a lion's den. Sorry for that image.

Ugh, and for him to tell me that I was imagining having sex with him? I want to rip off that perverts head. Okay, so I am not normally this violent, I just hate Dylan with a passion.

I may be a nerd but I am not a nerd that people mess with. They know not to ask for my homework or I will dig their grave and throw them in it and proceed to bury them alive.

Okay, so maybe I am kind of violent.

But only when people piss me off. Otherwise I am sweet as honey. That was a lie. I probably have on my bitch face 24/7.

You probably don't know me, so I should introduce myself.

Hello, I'm Maya Densil. Although I am a nerd, I hate maths, it just sucks and I know how to do it but it is a complete waste of time. I wear huge black glasses that are the size of half my face. I love reading and eating because food is the best thing that God gave us, except hot actors, that was a blessing too. I hate wearing dresses and bright red lipstick. I'm 5'6 and have light brown hair. My favorite T.V show is Teen Wolf. Hey, I have good taste okay? Plus, those boys are so fine.

I have never been bullied even though I'm a nerd. I don't know if it counts but I want to defenestrate Dylan because he spread a rumor that I slept with him which was gross. Luckily, no one believed him because they know I'm such a nerd that I wouldn't do such a thing. It was true.

After our teacher takes in our essays I get up and start walking out the class, "Hey nerd!" Dylan's voice shouts. I sigh, knowing he is calling me, and I turn around. I am probably going to regret this. The only time he talked to me was to try and flirt with me because he wants to sleep with me.

If you're wondering why he does this, it is because he has some kind of game where he tries to sleep with as many girls as he can. I'm not some type of egg, I won't just crack, I'm probably more like metal, you will have to melt me, then pull me apart and wait for me to become what you want.

Ha, actually, I'll only become what you want if you want a weird teenage girl that wastes her life doing nothing except eating, watching series and procrastinating.

"What?" I snap, in a hurry to get home and finish my Trig homework for tomorrow. "So, you want your dreams to come true?" he asks and then winks. I scrunch my eyebrows. "What?" I ask, honestly confused. "You know, get down and dirty? I mean Vanessa is coming home with me today but I can fit you in tomorrow." Dylan says, smirking. Is he...? No. I want to wipe that annoying smirk off his sexy face. Did I just think that?

"I mean you're not my type but I guess I can make it work." He says, giving me a once over. My cheeks go red and I look down at my green wool jersey with bootleg jeans and brown flip flops.

Jeez, I'm sorry I don't wear butt shorts and crop tops, okay?

"No!" I scream, clenching my fists. I want to hit him so hard. He leans against the door frame of the English Lit class, still smirking. "Pervert!" I shout.

"Oh come on, the only reason you wouldn't want to sleep with me is if you are into the opposite gender." Dylan says.

I lift my arm and, without thinking, I whip my hand straight across Dylan's cheek.


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