Chapter 7- Granny Panties

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Chapter 7- Granny Panties

The next day the next day I wake up early-ish but I stay in bed until twelve pm watching Netflix because I have nothing else to do. After that I get in the shower and not long after, Ruby arrives.

"You have to take a swim suit Maya, its a pool party." Ruby explained. I roll my eyes, "But my swimming suits look like granny panties attached to a baggy shirt. All I have is my mom's old ones."

Ruby digs around in her bag, "Here," she pulls out a red polka dot bikini and hands it to me, "I brought an extra one, I'll wear my green one and you wear this." She says. "Nope. No way in hell am I going to swim in waterproof underwear." I say, shaking my head. "You don't have to swim, just wear it under your cloths and if you change your mind then you don't have to swim in waterproof granny panties instead." She explains. I grin and hug Ruby, "Thanks Ruby, you're amazing." I say. "I know." She says, laughing.

I put the bathing suit on and throw a plain white dress over it that also belongs to Ruby because apparently wearing a polo and crocs to a beach party was 'inappropriate'.


Once we are finally ready it's already almost eight. We get into Ruby's Mercedes S-class saloon - I wish I had a nice car instead of my crappy green van - and drive to the address that Mr. Michaelis texted me. He's such a dork. A super sexy dork.

I swear my mind doesn't have an off switch to it's stupid blabbering voice in my head.

Damn right I don't

Shut up.

Its official, I'm crazy. I am literally talking to myself.

We get to the house and there is loud music blasting from inside the house. There are rows of cars parked in front of the huge house that I am assuming is Sebastian's. I think huge was an understatement, it's gigantic.

It looks like a white palace with a big entrance that has a fountain in the driveway, there are pebbles lining the walkway to the huge wooden front doors.

There are teenagers everywhere; smoking by their cars in little groups, girls running around in their bikinis on the driveway, people making out in their cars - god knows what else they are doing in their cars *shudder* - and a few drunk guys are trying to swim in the fountain.

We go into the house and the music is so loud my ears are contemplating jumping off my head and running far away. The smell of alcohol and drugs hits my nose and makes me cringe, there are bright lights flashing on and off in all different directions.

The house is four stories and is absolutely beautiful even though it is filled with drunk teenagers and there is dirt everywhere, mostly red plastic cups.

Ruby drags me through the grinding teenagers, towards the huge Olympic sized pool. I stare in amazement at the huge pool, "Holy shit." I shout. "Agreed." Ruby shouts over the loud music.

Huge, muscled arms wrap around my torso, "Mai! You came!" A familiar voice says. I turn around and almost fall over backwards into the pool.

Sebastian is standing in front of me and grinning, he doesn't even try and he looks like a supermodel. My eyes wonder down to his shirtless torso and almost bulge out of my head. Dayyyyyyyyyyyym.

I look up at Sebastian and he is smirking. Damn, I got caught checking him out. My cheeks heat up and I want to just run away and hide. "Uh, yeah. Hi." I say.

"Having fun?" Sebastian asks, does he mean checking him out? That was definitely fun. Nah, I think he means the party. "Yeah, I just arrived. Nice house by the way."

Sebastian looks back at the house, "Not mine."

"Then whose is it?"

"Cupcake- I mean Dylan's." He says.

Cupcake? Okay.

"Oh." Is all  I manage to say. Of course it is. Stupid Dylan that has an awesome house, an awesome body, an awesome smile and an awesome car.

I turn around an realize that Ruby is gone. Traitor.

I turn back to Sebastian and he is looking down at the ground and... Blushing? Awwwwww.

"Yo Sebastian!" Someone shouts from the other side of the huge garden, "Come check it out! This guy is insane!" The person shouts. Sebastian sighs and smiles sadly at me then wobbles to where some guy called him. Okay, so maybe Sebastian is drunk? He sure handles it pretty well.

"Well, well, look what the cat dragged in." A voice says behind me.



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