Chapter 25- Trees

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Chapter 25- Trees

I watch Dylan as he stands awkwardly in front of me, he is frowning and keeps rubbing the back of his neck, trying to find the words to say.

He doesn't need to say anything. He doesn't like me. He made that much clear when he kissed Jennefer.

Stupid truth or dare.

I quickly wipe the tears from my face away with my palms but more tears swell up in my eyes. I don't know why I'm crying. It shouldn't be that big of a deal. Its not like he was cheating on me, he wasn't mine to start with.

"I'm so sorry, Maya." Dylan finally says. "For what?" I ask. I honestly don't know why he is apologizing, its not his fault he doesn't like me.

What am I saying? Of course he doesn't like me. He's Dylan Thompson. He's a really hot player that's really sweet deep down but he has never been in a relationship before so why would he even think about liking me. He's probably never liked anyone in that way. And yet here I am falling for him so fast.

Dylan, what are you doing to me?

"I should have kissed you." He whispers and walks closer to me.

Those five words make me smile. He doesn't mean it. He didn't want to kiss me, obviously, so he didn't need to kiss me.

I quickly remove the smile from my face and look up to see Dylan right in front of me. I'm leaning against a tree. It was actually a horrible hiding place. I'm glad Dylan found me.

"Why are you here?" I ask.

"What do you mean?" He frowns.

"I mean, why are you here? Why did you look for me?" I explain.

"I, well, um... I felt bad. Sebastian told me you were crying when you got up and left so I had to look for you. I didn't mean to hurt you Maya." He explains. He still drives me crazy every time he says my name. Maya. Just the way he says it...

"Why do you care if I was crying?" I'm sorry if I'm asking so many questions, I'm just tired and I want to lie down and cry in peace.

"Because, you're my nerd. I care about you." Yeah, as a friend. I smile, at least he thinks of me as a friend. Look, before you start shouting at me; I read a lot, I know how the whole love story works with the oblivious girl. But it's not like that, this isn't a love story. This is a crush I have on a cute guy like every other girl has. I know he doesn't like me. He's given me enough hints that he doesn't like me.

"I care about you too." More than you think. Dylan steps closer to me, were standing less than a foot apart. "I'll make it up to you." He whispers.


"By kissing you." He whispers. My heart starts beating faster. He's going to kiss me!

Dylan lightly places his hand against my cheek and looks down at my lips.

We both move closer to each other and Dylan wraps one arm around my waist and pulls me against him.

He leans down and his breath fans my face, he smells like sugar.

Just kiss me.



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