Chapter 32- Road Trip

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Chapter 32- Road Trip

I push the door of my house open and walk inside with Dylan following behind me. "Do you want to call Ruby and ask her to come with or something?" Dylan asks as he shuts my house door behind him.

I nod, "Yeah, I'm going upstairs to pack and call Ruby. Wait here." I state and walk up the stairs, to my room.

"We're going to be driving for three days and we'll be at Mullberry for two nights!" Dylan shouts to me once I've reached the top of the stairs. Mullberry is the town next to ours but the drive is quite long.

I nod even though Dylan can't see me and I walk into my room. I miss my room, I don't know why but it feels like I'm hardly in here anymore compared to when I was like a hermit and just lived in my room, never leaving except for food and school.

I take out a bunch of clothes, most of it donated to me by the lovely Ruby. She is honestly a life saver because otherwise I'd be still wearing polo shirts every day. I stuff it in all my country road bad and grunt, trying to zip the bad closed.

I'll be honest, I always over pack. I will stuff everything I will possibly need for the next two weeks into my bag even if we're only going for five days.

I groan and move the zip about an inch only for it to unzip again a few seconds later, I feel like I just ran a marathon from all the panting I'm doing. I sigh loudly when suddenly a pair of muscular arms wrap around my waist, I feel a hot breath fan the side of my neck and I bite my lip.

I know exactly who it is.

"I heard panting and moaning and I came to check if you were having sex without me. If you are, can I join?" I roll my eyes, "No Dylan, unfortunately for you, I'm not having sex and I'm definitely not doing it with you. But since you're here, can you help me close my bag?" I bat my eyelashes at Dylan and smile.

He sighs, "Fine, sit on the bag and I'll zip it."

I listen and jump on top of the bag. Dylan moves foward, causing his body to move in between my legs. I suck in my breath, my heart rate getting faster.

This is bad. It's bad for my health, for my body, my mind and definitely my hormones. I bet Dylan can hear my heart beat.

He zips my bag slowly, his eyes never leaving mine. He leans around me to close the bag fully and his body presses against mine. His hand brushes against the bare skin of my leg, shooting sparks through my body.

Once the bag is zipped Dylan takes a step closer but accidentally trips causing the bag to fall of the bed and him to fall on me, still in between my legs.

I gasp as Dylan's muscular body traps me under him. He looks down at my lips and I look down at his, finally no one will disturb us.

Just looking at his lips is driving me crazy. I want his lips on mine more than I've wanted anything in this world.

I wrap my arms around his neck and brush my hands through his silky dark brown hair. I tug on his hair causing him to moan and I smile. Ha, now I have his weak spot too.

My phone rings, breaking the silence in the room. I push Dylan off me like he is on fire and he lands with a thud on the ground.

I look at the caller ID to see that it is Ruby, a horrible picture of her that I took pops up with her name. I pick it up, mouthing an apology to Dylan who is still on the floor.

"Hey Ruby." I say.

"Hey Maya, Sebby messaged me and told me about the trip, I'm so in!" She shouts.

I squeal in excitement, "Really? You're coming?" I shout.

"Yup, I'm on my way to your place now, see you soon bitch." she says and hangs up.

I chuckle and shake my head at my weird new friends, looking down at Dylan who is making carpet angels on my floor.


I have found my people.


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