Chapter 31- High School Musical

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Chapter 31- High School Musical

I yawn and sit up slowly in Dylan's bed. Yesterday feels like it wasn't real. It feels like a huge blur of surrealistic actions.

Dylan walks out of the bathroom, brushing his teeth. Sadly, he still has his shirt on. "Hey princess." he says with his brush still in his mouth. He winks at me and goes back into the bathroom.

A minute later he comes back and sits next to me on the bed, "You want to go out and eat or do you want to stay in and watch movies and eat junk food? Ryan and Sebastian are going to a restaurant and they said we should come but we can stay here too if you don't feel like going out." Dylan asks, taking by hand and playing with my fingers.

"Um, could we do both?" I ask, grinning. He chuckles and nods, "Okay, you better get up and get ready. I'll meet you downstairs and when we're done at the restaurant we can go to the DVD store." he says and leaves me alone in his room.

I quickly get changed into some of Dylan's sister, Cassandra's, clothes that Dylan gave me. He gave me really short shorts and a top, I guess I cant really complain because I can't use his mom's clothes, that would be weird, and Cassandra's clothes are either butt shorts or short dresses see guess this will have to do.

I look at myself in the mirror and shrug, at least it is comfortable. The shorts are loose and red but they are really soft and almost fluffy in a way and it's with a plain white shirt. I slip am the black pumps that I word to the party and walk downstairs.

I see Dylan talking to his mom in the kitchen and Carly is sitting on the sofa in the living room and singing along with High School Musical.

Dylan sees me and walks towards me, "Ready?" he asks and I nod and we both walk out the door. I get into Dylan's BMW i8 and I start freaking out. This has to be some sort of crazy dream, all of it, it can't be real.

We drive off, down the road and to the restaurant we are supposed to meet Ryan and Sebastian at.

Once we arrive we get out and walk towards the restaurant where a lady is standing with a smile on her face, "Hello, would you like a table?" she asks.

No, we'll just sit on the fucking floor, thanks for asking.

"Um, we're joining someone." he says and we walk past the lady, to the table that Sebastian and Ryan are sitting at.

"Hey bichachos." Ryan greets and Sebastian just smiles at us as we sit down. "Are you okay Mai?" Sebastian asks, taking my hand in his and lightly squeezing it. My hand looks so small in his.

I squeeze his hand back and nod, "Yeah." I smile and he lets go of my hand. We order and when the food arrives I start eating my fries. I didn't want anything except fries so whatever.

"So we're leaving tomorrow, right?" Ryan asks and Sebastian and Dylan glare at him. I raise my eyebrows and wait for Dylan to explain. "We're going to visit my dad." he says and explains.

"We're going on a road trip." Ryan says grinning and nodding. I slightly chuckle as Dylan glares at him again. I nod and the table does silent.

"Ouch! Ryan stop fucking kicking me." Dylan swears at Ryan, glaring at me.

Ryan laughs, "Ask her to come." he says. I laugh and shake my head. "Okay, uh, you want to come?" he asks and I frown, "Uh, well I want to go on a road trip but I feel like I am not actually invited." I say.

"Pleeeease Maya. I'll buy you flowers if you come with." Ryan says and pouts. I groan and roll my eyes, "Whatever." I say.

"She said yes!" Ryan shouts, sticking his tounge out at Dylan.

Once we are done eating we get back into the car. "So, do you want to come? Because if you want to come then you can, but if you don't want to then you don't have to." Dylan says, driving down the road.

"Well, I want to go on a road trip but if you don't want me to come then-" I get cut off by Dylan, "No, I want you to come, please come." Dylan says and smiles at me. I've actually wanted to go on a road trip for such a long time but I am a freaking loser and I had no friends to go with.


I'm going on a freaking road trip!


HAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK? Yes guys, I did change a bit of the book, like I said before. If you want to know, I said that I didn't like the fact that she falls in love with a guy that bullied her, its not good and I didn't like it so I'm changing it. THAT IS ALLLLLL I AM CHANGING OKEYYYY? I may change a few things slightly to make it more interesting but that's it.

Sorry if you liked the old version but I don't believe in that kind of thing and I don't want my book spreading the wrong way of falling in love so yeah.

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