Chapter 42- Window

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Chapter 42- Window

Ruby's POV

I sit on my bed with my legs crossed, watching Gossip Girl on Netflix. I wish my life was entertaining. The guy I like doesn't like me back, I have two brothers, not worthy of a story because all they do is play video games and have burping competitions, my parents are always here so I can't skip school all the time like those people in books and movies and I ditched my old friends because they are all jerks and the only friend that I liked left the school.

I'm glad I ditched my old friends to sit with Maya at the cafeteria that day. She's a great friend that listens and she has a really entertaining life which is fun to watch because its like a really good 3D movie.

I mean seriously, she is in Italy with the guy she likes who on a scary mission to get a mysterious package. Now that's a story. Then you get me...

I've become friends with the three hottest guys in the school because of Maya which I never imagined happening ever. All three of them seem scary from far but they are all actually hilarious, mushy sweethearts.

My favorite is obviously Sebby because his face and heart is from heaven. I have to go with him to the airport tonight because Maya and Dylan are getting back from Italy which means I will be alone with Sebastian for fourty minutes on the drive to the airport.

I have had a crush on Sebastian since the beginning of highschool when he helped me pick up my books that London shoved all over the floor.

I look at the clock on my computer, "Shit." I mutter, jumping off my bed and running to my bathroom to shower. Sebastian is going to be here in twenty minutes.

See, that's how boring my life is. I'm rushing to look all pretty to go TO THE FREAKING AIRPORT! Like, it's not even a date.



Maya's POV

I walk out the plane and into the airport with Dylan at my side. He has my hand in his as we walk into the waiting area where Ruby and Sebastian are picking us up.

As I spot Ruby and Sebastian, I smile, they're both blushing really hard. Awwww. It is my duty as Ruby's best friend to ship her with Sebastian.

When they see us, they walk up to us and greet us and Sebastian whispers in my ear, "Can I talk to you?"

I nod and follow Sebastian to a spot further away from Dylan and Ruby. "Um, Maya, you know at my party, when I wanted to ask you something but we got distracted?"

"Yeah..." I say slowly, Sebastian is still blushing, maybe even more than before.

"I really need to know now what your answer is but I am so scared you will say no." he says, biting his lip in frustration.

"Sebastian, just tell me." I say.

"Okay, well I really like this girl and I wanted to ask her out but..." Sebastian groans frustratedly and brushes a hand through his hair.

I stay silent, "Okay, let me just get to the point." he says and I nod.

"Do you think Ruby will go out with me?" he asks in a rush, his entire face is red now. I squeal and jump up and down, "Yes! Yes! Ahhhhhh! Yes!" I say and jump onto Sebastian, hugging him.

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