Chapter 4- Rapunzel

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Chapter 4- Rapunzel

After the little incident with Dylan, I went straight home and locked myself in my room. I don't want him to get any closer to me.

I groan and stuff my face into my pink pillow. I wish I was a bear and I could just hibernate my problems away. Or maybe I could be like Rapunzel and stay locked in a tower, away from boys like Dylan. I would be a horrible Rapunzel though because I would get so frustrated with my hair that I would cut it off.

That's not the point.

What did Dylan mean? I should probably avoid him. From what he said, he is going to make avoiding him really hard.

I fall asleep wondering how I am going to avoid this irritating baboon.


The next day I wake up and decide it's pointless wearing black again because Dylan will somehow find a way to get me anyway.

I drive to school in my ugly van and hop out. Dylan is standing with his group of delinquents in front of the school. He is leaning against his white BMW i8 and laughing. Stupid guy with his sexy car and sexy smile.

You really need to stop having these thoughts.

But he is so beautiful.


Okay, maybe but still... He's a fuckboy.

London walks up to Dylan and his delinquents and kisses Dylan in front of everyone. A few guys wolf whistle and stare at her ass which is clearly visible in the short pink skirt she is wearing.

Wow, Dylan and his delinquents could be the name of a T.V show or something. I'm keeping that one. Good one Maya, good one.

Not really but whatever. I'm keeping it.

London Starr is the biggest slut in the school. She has slept with the entire football team, the basketball team, the lacrosse team and even the swimming team. Her favorite bed buddy is obviously Dylan because he is the most popular guy in the school. Her name is London for a reason; So many people have been there. Oooh, that was a good one Maya.

Again, not really, I know. I suck at this shit.

But seriously, the population in London is 8.6 million and that doesn't include tourists so I am just stating a fact. Yes, yes, I know that the population in America and China and all those places are higher but her name isn't Turkey now, is it?

I roll my eyes and try and to walk past them as quietly as I can. I have a mini celebration dance when they don't see me and I go straight to my locker. Unfortunately I had celebrated too soon.

Dylan leans up against the locker next to mine, "Hey nerd." Dylan says, smirking. Yup, I want to slap him again. "What do you want?" I snap. I turn around once I've gotten my books and see that he has two of his favorite delinquents are with him; Ryan Faux and Sebastian McLain. Dylan's main delinquents.

"Now, that is no way to talk to Dylan. You should be bowing down to him, sweet cheeks." Ryan says. "When pigs fly." I mutter under my breath.

Meet Ryan. He is the schools prankster. He has taken out the screws on teachers chairs, he has set Math tests on fire, he has put a poisonous spider in the teachers' lounge, he has spread baby oil all over the schools floors which caused school to be shut down for an entire week and he put weed in the vents which caused everyone to slowly get high and said it was now a 'high school'. People adore him because even though everyone knows he has done these pranks, he never gets busted because there is no real proof. Ryan has black hair and light blue eyes and is six foot one or something.

Now meet Sebastian. Or as everyone calls him; Sebby. Sebastian is on the swimming team. He is the golden boy of the school. He is tall and extremely good looking but he is not a player. I'm pretty sure he has the second best body in the school, after Dylan. Sebastian treats girls like gold and doesn't just sleep with them for fun unless he is drunk. He has sandy brown hair and matching eyes and for some reason I just want to squish him and hug him because he is so damn adorable and good looking. He also has a sense of humor. To everyone he is perfect with a fangirl-worthy smile to just top off his charm.

I start walking away and Dylan follows me but his delinquents don't. "What do you want?" I growl as he wraps his arm around my shoulder.

"We have English together remember nerd?" Dylan says and grins when he sees me scowling.

As we walk down the hall all heads turn when they see me and Dylan talking and walking together. I roll my eyes. These people really need to mind their own damn business.


I barely manage to make it through all of my classes until lunch without pulling my hair out. I grab my disgusting lunch food and sit down and my usual table at the back of the cafeteria by myself.

Stupid Dylan needs to leave me alone. If he won't I will have to piss him off so much that he stops talking to me. It would be a dream come true if he just left me alone. Maybe I really should slap him again?

I look down at the cafeteria food and almost gag. Is it just me or are the stereotypes of cafeteria food being disgusting actually true? I mean this burger looks like leather that had been covered with buns and some disgusting green sauce and I'm pretty sure the milk in this carton is expired.

I push the food away with a shudder. I'd rather not get food poisoning.

I hear a chair at my loner table screeching against the white floor and I look up. Surprisingly it is not Dylan; instead it is a tiny girl with long orange hair. For some reason her face reminds me of a fairy. "Hi." the girl says and sits down. "Hello?" I say, more as a question then a greeting.

"My friends are being jerks and so I decided to come and sit with you." She smiles and sticks out her hand for me to shake, "I'm Ruby." I shake her hand, "I'm-" Ruby cuts me off, "Maya, I know. You're the girl that slapped Dylan. I like you." I laugh, "So the whole school knows about that?"

Ruby nods, "Of course, it's Dylan Thompson that you slapped, remember?" I roll my eyes, "Don't remind me. He totally deserved it."

She raises her eyebrows, "What did he do exactly?" She asks. "He was being a pervert, as usual. I decided he needed to be put in his place and so... I slapped him." I explain, shrugging. "So, what did he do to you for slapping him?" She asks. "He is trying to piss me off by not leaving me alone." I say, putting my head in my hands and sighing.

"Lucky! I would kill for that. All the girls in the school would kill for that. Why didn't he just punch you or something?" She asks causally. Oh, okay, because that's normal?

"I wish he did. At least then it would be over and he would leave me alone but no, he has to be a huge jerk and piss the shit out of me." I complain.

Ruby is about to say something when another chair screeches at my table and I almost fall off my chair in fright.

"Hey nerd."


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