Chapter 49- Over

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Chapter 49- Over

I walk down the halls of school. Yes, school started today, isn't that just fantastic?

I told Sebastian that I understand because he didn't know I was with Dylan but I am still going to avoid him for a while because... Well I guess you know why.
Ruby walks up to me with a smile as I reach my locker, "Good morning!" she greets. And I groan, hitting my head against the locker, "Who made that saying? Was he on drugs or something because I am sure as hell a morning is never good unless you win an Oscar. I'm not winning an Oscar so no, its not a good morning." I state and groan.

"Did some people in this school just take anti-ecstasy tablets or what?" Ruby asks and I turn to face her with a frown, "What?"

"You, Dylan and Sebastian all look like shit." Ruby says bluntly. I sigh and rub my temples. Should I tell her? She is my friend...

"Well as you know, I was dating Dylan. Last night, Sebastian told me you said no to him so I went there to comfort him or something but," I let out a frustrated sigh, "he kissed me and Dylan saw and I don't know what to do."

Ruby stares at me with her mouth open, "How the hell do you get all these freaking hot guys? What is this?" She says and laughs. I look at the floor and shake my head, "I'll swap with you. I'll get some adorable guy that doesn't cause shit." I state.

"But you love Dylan, right?" Ruby asks and I nod, already tired of school and it hasn't even begun yet.

The bell rings and I wave goodbye to Ruby. I walk, not watching where I am going and I accidentally walk into someone. I look up and immediately want to cry when I see Dylan.

Ruby is right, he definitely looks like shit. "Dylan." I whispers. Dylan moves around me and keeps walking as if nothing happened. I turn and run after him, "Dylan, please just listen to me." I beg. Dylan turns to look at me, "Fine." he says and stops.

I suck in a deep breath, "Okay. Dylan, I know you're hurt and I am so sorry. I love you. I love you so much that every time I see you I just want to kiss you. I don't know what happened. I didn't know Sebastian was going to kiss me. He didn't know that we were together. I-"

"Maya." Dylan stops me and I shut my mouth. He leans down and gently presses his lips against mine.

My eyes widen and then I lean foward, deepening the kiss. He pulls away and says three words that make my heart stop.

"Maya, we're over."

He smiles and walks away. I stare at his back as he walks away from me. Why did he smile?

Is he happy?

I stare at the floor, not moving. What is wrong with me? I can't even get a guy to stay with me for longer than two days without them trying to kill me.

I walk to the girls bathroom, shutting the door and sliding down to the floor.

I'm so stupid.


I walk into the cafeteria and get the food from the lunch lady, I then go to my table and sit down with a sigh.

I may be sad but nothing is going to stop me from eating. Ruby sits across from me and shakes her head, "Only you would come for food. Where where you?" she asks. "Bunking." I state and shrug. "Oh really, captain obvious?" Ruby says sarcastically.

I look up at Dylan who is smiling and talking to Sebastian and Ryan. At least he forgave Sebastian, I guess.

He's still smiling.

Why is he smiling so much?

I look up at Ruby and smile when Dylan looks at me, nodding like I'm talking to Ruby. "Maya, are you feeling okay?" Ruby asks, chuckling slightly.

"I'm fantastic." I say sarcastically even though I'm still smiling. Dylan won't stop looking at me. I look at him and stop smiling. I want to cry but feel so empty that I can't. I really want to, crying shows you're human but I can't no matter how much I want to.

A girl sits on Dylan's lap and starts kissing him. He holds her waist and kisses her back at the entire cafeteria goes silent. Some people are looking at me, some are looking at Dylan.

My chair scrapes against the floor, breaking the silence. I walk out the cafeteria, shaking my head. He was never in love with me. If he was he wouldn't be smiling and kissing other girls already.

My heart hurts and I just want to rip it out and pretend it never existed. Finally, tears slowly fall down my cheeks.

He used me.

That's all he wanted.

I walk down the corridors and out the school, towards my favorite green mini van that looks like it just came out of a horror movie.

"Maya!" I stop in my tracks. "What?" I ask, my voice breaking. I turn to face Dylan and he purses his lips, frowning, "I'm sorry?" he whispers.

"Dylan, lets make a deal, you don't ever talk to me and I promise I won't talk to you." I say, wiping away the tears on my cheeks.

"No, please. I want to talk to you. I love you, I do. I'm sorry." he says. I roll my eyes and turn around, pulling my car door open.

"You're such a hypocrite. You kissed someone else too, and it was my best friend!" he states and I turn around, glaring at him. I clench my jaw, I want to punch him so hard right now.

"I did not kiss your best friend! Your best friend kissed me! Oh, and unlike you with that girl, I did not kiss him back!" I shout at him, more tears rolling down my cheeks, "I am not a hypocrite, you are! You didn't forgive me and now you expect me to just pretend it never happened? You wouldn't have forgiven me. Don't you dare call me a hypocrite and don't you dare talk to me again. You're obviously happier without me." I state and turn around again, climbing into my car.

"Why would you think that?" He asks, confused.

"Every time I looked at you, you were smiling. I get the hint, Dylan. You're happier without me." I say. I just want to go home, why can't he leave me alone?

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to kiss that girl back, its just, I was-" "What's your point? We're not together, you don't need to apologize. I don't care." I state. He didn't even deny that he was happier without me.

He broke up with me and yes, it hurts like hell but I guess I deserve the pain.


"Dylan, stop."

"No, I hurt your feelings and I have to make it up to you." Dylan says, his eyes becoming glossy. Is he crying? Ha, yeah right.

"Please?" he says, a tear slips down his cheek.

"My feelings...? You don't need to worry about those," I quote Dylan's words from yesterday, he starts shaking his head, "nobody else ever did." I say and slam my car door shut, driving away.


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