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Sorry this is so short but I hope you like it<3

Two weeks. It had been two weeks since Gerard would answer his phone. Frank has texted and called and Gerard didn't have the guts to answer. Gerard, without Frank, had found himself in old habits. Drinking till puking, waking up, and doing so again. He was scared. Scared that without someone this is what could become of him. Still, he was even more scared to answer Frank. He liked the kiss, a little too much. Hormones got in the way and Frank said no, it was too fast. Gerard was so embarrassed he went home, crying in his car. There was a knock at the door. Probably just a delivery guy or something. Gerard ignored it. He heard the sound of a key turning and then he panicked. Only one other person had keys. Frank. He gave them to him incase of a suicidal meltdown and he's starting to regret that. Gerard looked like shit. Hair everywhere, eye bags from lack of sleep, red eyes from substances, old clothing he's been wearing for days, stubble he hasn't bothered to shave, wrapped up in a dark blanket making it look like he's in a cocoon of filth.
"Gerard? It's me Frank. Where are you?"
Gerard felt his pulse quicken wildly. His breathing wavered as Frank found him.
"Gerard... Are you.. Like okay?"
Gerard almost laughed. Almost.
Frank got on the couch with Gerard, ignoring the smell of booze and sweat and lied with him.
"Gerard, I thought I lost you... I'm afraid that if I lost another week I would. I love you, you're my best friend and I don't know what else, but I need you. Okay?"
Gerard saw Frank sniffle. In response he tightened his arms around Frank.

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