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"Haha stop, we're going to get kicked out!" Frank giggled. Gerard continued his assault on Frank's ribs, tickling him. Frank was thrashing and eventually lightly slapped him.
"Oh my god, aaahahhaha, I'm so sorry!"
"I deserved it." Gerard smiled as he looked at Frank. The manager rolled his eyes. They looked through the records. There were some gems. The Smiths, (though Gerard would never admit that), Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Black Flag, Sex Pistols, Nirvana, ect. Gerard was in music heaven. And he got coffee, what a day. Frank was really excited too. Even though he had most of the records it was fun to look around.
"I'm gonna have to take you to my favorite comic book store." Gerard sighed.
"Oh my god. You're such a nerd." Frank giggled, he seemed happy, and hyper. Was he always like this?
Gerard mumbled a 'shut up' and continued to search. They ended up getting ice cream after- much to Gerard's reluctance. He insisted that he was 'too big' for the treat, but Frank quickly dismissed the idea like it was ludicrous.
"Gerard. You're perfect, just get some goddamn ice cream."
Gerard knew he was blushing at the compliment. Gerard got coffee ice cream and Frank got mint chocolate chip. Frank and Gerard went to Frank's apartment to have a cup of coffee and watch star wars together.
"This is like my favorite ohmahgod." Gerard gushed.
"Knew you'd like it. You're a nerd."
Halfway in the movie Frank got distracted by Gerard. He thought he was just so lovely, and sad. He didn't understand his sorrow, he wanted to ask but it wasn't easy to go about. Gerard's pink lips, flushed skin, ebony hair, he was stunning. And Frank was succumbed to his beauty as he found his lips on Gerard's.

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