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It's a normal day for frank. Sitting around, watching tv, listening to music, playing guitar. Frank just graduated, a week ago actually. Still living with his dad. Frank was in the middle of playing Scream by the Misfits, when his phone interrupted his fingers. He
didn't know the number, but it had the same area code, and his phone is fairly new so he assumed it was a friend. "I- I don't know if I can continue.... It's getting so hard and I don't think it's worth trying," Frank heard a man break down in tears. After a few moments stunned in silence he heard him again. "Oh god I'm so fucking sorry... This isn't the hotline, is it?" Frank felt his heart shatter in that very moment. "No, no it's not. But you can keep talking to me. I'm here for you, I'm so sorry." Frank felt his eyes water slightly, now he's involved with a life or death situation.
"No. I don't want to burden you."
"It's no problem, really. Tell me." Frank heard a sigh, a sniffle, and after a few moments
this man began to spill his deepest demons and struggles into Frank's open ears. They both broke down. Frank learned his name is Gerard, and he had a rich and dark background. Frank remembered something he learned about depressed people, sometimes they need something to look forward to, so he boldly set up a meeting between him and Gerard. They decided on coffee, and Gerard thanked him for his efforts. Tonight, he's safe.

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