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Gerard got dressed in basic black jeans, old worn out skate shoes that were lying around, and a batman tee. He didn't bother combing out his hair, but he applied a small amount of eyeliner and smudged it on his lash line. His eyes sparkled like the stars that littered the sky. Dark eyelashes framing them like the night. He walked out and sent a quick text telling Frank he's on his way. It was a block away and Gerard wasn't made out of money so the tiny bit he can save on gas went a long way, so he just walked. He could've skated, but that would be too cliche. When he got there he saw a decent crowd, that's a good sign. Maybe the band will be good. Frank said they are, he knows of them. Gerard scanned the audience and didn't see Frank. Five minutes passed and the band was still setting up. Disheveled and hurt Gerard thought Frank stood him up, that is, until he saw the band enter. "HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS?!" Gerard heard a man yell. He looked to his left to see Frank, smiling down at him with a guitar. That bastard. Gerard gave a shocked expression and looked up through his dark lashes intently. The band played a fast song, original with a lot of thrash. They were good. After 45 minutes they stopped. Gerard waited another ten minutes and saw Frank emerge into the crowd. "You dick!" Gerard laughed.
"Sorry I thought it would be funny. Did you like us?"
"You guys sucked."
"Only dick" drank said with a wink. Gerard thought he was patronizing him and he somehow found out his sexuality, but realized he was being ridiculous so he visibly relaxed.
"Nah you guys were good. I juts thought you stood me up."
"First the eyeliner, and now the girly tone." Frank joked.
"It's guy liner you prick." Gerard snapped.
"It's fine gee, it looks nice, also, I like the sass." Gerard smiled at the nickname and felt himself blushing, but it was dark so he knew he didn't have to worry. But he was scared somehow it will slip out. People in these areas are homophobic... He only assumed Frank would be. He thanked Frank with a laugh, and they spent hours on the roof of the venue laughing and talking about nothing, and then it happened. Frank's hand brushed Gerard's, and he didn't move it. It just stayed. Gerard didn't dare move, he liked the contact, and he knew it was an accident and didn't want to make Frank aware of it. Gerard would be confused, but he knew Frank didn't mean it. They talked and talked until the sun started peering through. Gerard let out a yawn and Frank giggled calling him a pussy for being tired. Gerard noticed how cute Frank's giggle was and he just smiled. Gerard's head was on his shoulder and he was indeed sleepy. It was dangerous on the roof, so Gerard told Frank he should go. It was 4 am and still dark.
"Did you drive here?"
"No, I walked." Gerard sighed, dreading the walk home, no matter how short the distance, he was tired.
"Hey I drove. Let me take you home. It's dark and you're tired."
"It's just a block.."
"Nonsense. Come with me."
Gerard smiled and thanked Frank and hugged him tightly. He still managed to smell nice, Gerard didn't mean to smell him or anything, but this fucking midget was holding him tightly. Like Gerard he smelled like cigarettes, but he had really nice cologne or something, when Frank pulled away Gerard sighed softly and was led to Frank's car. It wasn't fancy, just a dark blue car of sorts, a little run down, but cute. It had a Pencey prep sticker too. Gerard smiled. He went into his car and drifted off while going the short distance home. He could've sworn he felt a soft kiss to his cheek, but he was under before he registered.

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