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Frank could've sworn he saw Gerard blush, probably just because he's not used to affection of any sort. Nevertheless, it made Frank feel nice. Gerard got a small espresso while Frank was more a fan of traditional coffee, and he got a latte. He didn't want to seem weak, but he wanted to spare his tastebuds. Gerard and Frank talked about everything except the phone call. Frank knew he might reopen old wounds, and he wanted to keep this light. Gerard appreciated that, because in all honesty, he was scared there would be questions. Frank started to really admire Gerard. I mean he's still living... And he's a cool guy, Frank thought. They talked about everything, from coffee to music to comics and movies. They actually had a LOT in common, and Frank was super interested in this new stranger. Gerard thought Frank was far too nice to him, and upon first glance would've even been attracted to him, if he hadn't spilt his guts to the man on the phone. And the fact that Frank seems totally straight. Frank thought he seemed so different than the broken man about to take his life, but in a good way. Not that broken is bad, everyone is. Frank had issues of his own, but luckily no long term mental illness. Gerard and him ending up talking for four hours, and the coffee shop owners were upset with the space they took up. There were only three tables in the small establishment after all. They both thought that was a good place to stop, but Frank made SURE Gerard would keep in touch. Not only for his own safety.. But also because he really liked him. He found himself a little nervous at first, he didn't want Gerard to find the request weird or whatever. But instead, Gerard gave a nice bright smile and agreed. Gerard leaned in for a half hug, and Frank completely enveloped him. He thought Gerard would need it. Gerard smelled nice, Frank thought. Like cigarettes and something sweet. They walked to their cars and headed off. That night, all Frank could think about was the previous events. Playing them in his mind as he drifted off into a deep sleep.

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