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Gerard sighed shakily as his nimble finger sent out a text to a contact labeled "Frank". He invited him to go to this local show, it was a band he's never heard of, but they're punk, so he was interested. It might be a shit fest, but still entertaining to go out and have a laugh. He didn't have any other friends, besides his brother and Frank seemed nice enough so he decided it would be fun to go. As friends.. Sure, there was a level of attraction, but what other punk is gay? And he's helping Gerard, as a friend, not giving him physical therapy. Gerard trudged to his kitchen and was in the process of making coffee when his phone buzzed softly. It was from Frank.
"Haha.. Pencey prep, huh? I'll be there." Gerard smiled and got ready for the evening.

Part two tomorrow ahhhh it'll be fun haha

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