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Gerard woke up with a groan and check his phone. 2 pm. "Shit" he said seeing as he wasted a day, well not that anything productive would have happened otherwise. Maybe some sketches though. He had a text from Frank, "last night was really fun, we should do that again sometime, you're a really cool guy xofrnk." Gerard smiled and rubbed his eyes, he typed out a quick text saying he would like that also. When Gerard was with Frank he felt better, still suicidal, still hurting though. But that can't just go away. this is the real world, not a fairy tail. Gerard still feels better though, he usually shuts himself away from people but he can't deny that he enjoys Frank's company. He thinks maybe Frank is being nice to try to help, but even if he doesn't truly like Gerard, it's not like Gerard is complaining. Amidst the torment and cruel numbness, he has something to look forward to, someone. His only other friend is his brother, but after Gerard's last meltdown he wanted nothing to do with him. His brother Mikey, also has depression and bad habits, so he should understand, but he doesn't. He just buries his feelings as he buries into people. They coped differently. Frank texted back. "I don't want to be annoying or pushy or anything, but maybe tomorrow? There's this cool new record shop by the coffee shop we went to and I'm dying to go, I dont think I can wait a day longer than tomorrow lol"
Gerard smiled. He seems genuine. Like he cares, not like he's just trying to be a good person. Gerard agrees and they set a time.

Hey I know a lot of you reading are aromantic, and a few of my aromatic friends don't really like smut. Would you guys mind? It wouldn't be too insane, just maybe something to make the story move along, I just want to do as well as I can and not make anyone uncomfortable. I would put a disclaimer before like a dash or "*" and after too if that works. I want to cater to everyone and yeah ahah.., feedback?

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