First Times

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Warning! Smut ahead! If you are a sensitive person and do not wish to read this, don't!

Ariana P.O.V

We spent the rest of the night out on the town. We didn't do much. We just walked around and talked about each other, laughing and mostly having fun. We got to the hotel, holding hands with me leaning on Drake. But as all things, the night ended as the reached the door of my room.

"Good night." I said.

"Good night." Drake whisper, blowing cold air in my face, making me shiver. Drake notice this and leaned in, signalling he wanted a kiss goodnight. I leaned in and Drake gently pressed his lips to mine. It started out innocent enough, just a simple goodnight kiss. But soon things got a little heated. Drake softly growled into my lips. He wrapped his fingers around my waist, gently shoving me against the door. I wrapped my hands around Drake's neck, gently tugging on his hair. He pressed against me harder, moving his hands down my back, over my butt and taking my legs, wrapping them around his waist. He somehow held me and opened the door. He closed the door by shoving me roughly against it.

"If you don't want this, you must tell me now. I won't be gentle, and I will definitely not stop."  He growled the last part, making me let out a gasp.

"What are you waiting for?" I asked him, smirking and raising my eyebrow.

"You truly the sexiest woman I have ever met," Drake said before he started to kiss me again. I grabbed his shirt, trying my hardest to take it off. God, is his shirt made of steel? Drake laughed at my struggle, quickly setting me on a nearby table, pulling off his shirt. I got up from the table, running my hands across his stomach. There was a scar on his chest. I gently kissed it, running my tongue across the scar. I could hear Drake let a small moan, and I grinned triumphantly. Drake picked me again, shoving me against the wall, making me gasp.

"Just for that, I should punish you." Drake groaned. I looked up at him innocently.

"I'm sorry, baby. Did I do something wrong?" I kissed his neck, trailing up until I reached his ear, tugging it. He growled my name. He ripped my shirt off, letting his hands roam. He massaged my breast before ripping off my bra.

"Oh..." I groaned. I moved my hips against him, feeling his member grow. He groaned, picking me up and setting me on the bed. I leaned back, laying down. Drake fell in front of me, bracing himself with his forearms and elbows. He slowly began to kiss down my cheek, down my neck, between my breast, down my stomach until he reached the top of my pants.

"These really must come off my dear," Drake said, right before he slowly unbutton my pants, taking the off from the legs, taking my panties off with it.

"No fair, I'm to naked," I bit my lip. "I think you should have something come off." Drake got up and gestured to himself.

I started with his undershirt, tugging out from under his pants. I threw it over my head. Next was the belt. I licked my lips and tugged it off with my teeth.

"Oh my god..." Drake moaned.
I unbutton his pants, licking the part right in the middle of his V-line. He wrapped his hand around my hair, gently pulling my head away.
"You shouldn't rush things, honey," Drake whispered. I laid on the bed, waiting for Drake. He grinned at me, biting his lip. He laid above me, kissing me. 

"Come on, Drake." I pleaded.

"What?" Drake asked, smirking. "Tell me what you want, dear." 

"Take me," I said.

"I'm sorry dear, I didn't hear you properly. What did you say?" He teased.

"Take me. Now," I growled. 


He entered me. It hurt at first, but he waited for me to get used to his size. I nodded, signalling him start again. He started gently, but soon got rougher. I groaned out, my body taken over my pleasure. He pounded harder and faster, and I cried out his name. 

"Drake! I'm so..." I couldn't even make a sentence.

"Come for me, darling." He whispered in my ear, sucking my sweet spot. 

I soon felt my release, and Drake followed afterward.

I fell asleep, feeling safe wrapped in his arms. 

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