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I sat at my desk, looking at the all the catalogs and papers, practically having a panic attack looking at all the money and planning that this wedding was going to take. I sighed, resting my head in my hands.

"Ugh, why does this have to be so complicated!" It only frustrated me more that practically nobody was going to be there. Well, anybody I cared about. Of course all vampires that were near were going to be there to congratulate their 'king'. The only person that was there for me was going to be Jackson.

"You look stressed. Let me help you." I heard a low seductive whisper behind me say while he rubbed my shoulders.

"Drake I'm a little busy right now." I mumbled, trying to focus at the task at hand and not his hands.

"I can see that, let me help." He whispered in my ear, leaving light kisses on my neck. He pushed my hair back which gave him more access to my neck. I turned around a gently pushed him away, frustrated he couldn't see how important this was to me.

"Drake this is important to me!" I got up from my chair, "this is a wedding. Not just any wedding, my wedding. Okay? It takes a lot of planning. And I know that it isn't happening for a few months, but I want to make sure it is perfect. Even if the only person I know there is going to be you and..." I was cut off by lips being pressed firmly against mine. I felt Drake's hand travel from my face, lightly brushing my neck, he hands quickly traced my breast, and then grabbed my waist tightly. I moaned into his lips, and pressed my hips into him more. He then did something completely unexpected. He pushed me away.

"That was just a preview of tonight. Come back when your done here." He left a gentle kiss on my forehead and then walked away. I just stood there, sexually frustrated and frustrated with myself for letting him do that to me. But I knew I still had work to do, so I sat back down completely frustrated.


I know this was a very short chapter, but I promise it leads to something better... if you get my drift ;)

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