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I growled in frustration, my brain unable to properly function. I decided it was time to take a break. I got up from my desk, stretching and popping my back. I walked out of room, down the hallway, took a right and walked a little farther until I got to Drake's front door. I went to knock, but the door opened before I got the chance. It was Drake, shirtless, and grinning at me.

"Did you finally decide to take a break?" He asked. I sighed and nodded, leaning into his arms. Just his smell and feeling of his arms wrapped around me made me smile. He gently rubbed his hands up and down my back, lightly pressing and massaging.

"Are you tired? Because I hope not. I have a long night planned for us." I smiled at what he said, getting excited to the possibilities. "But first. I want you to lay down. On your stomach. I'm going to give you a massage." I happily accepted, and quickly laid on the bed. I felt the bed dip as he crawled up it. I felt his hips straddle my waist, giving access to my back. I felt him lean in and his lips brushed my ear.

"I'm going to need you to take your shirt off sweetie. And your bra." He whispered.

"Geez, buy me a drink first." I laugh and I heard Drake chuckle at me.

"It's for the massage, honey. That part isn't coming until later." I was almost  disappointed by what he said, but I didn't protest. A little pampering was always good. I slipping my arms out and slipped my shirt off the best I could. Drake didn't want to seem to get up, but he did help me take off my shirt. He undid my bra clasp, and I slipped my arms out and threw my bra somewhere across the room.

I soon felt Drake's hand roaming my back. Applying pressure, grazing there, running his hands up and down wherever he pleased. I groaned at the feeling. Not only did it feel good... Where ever his hand traveled left little streaks of heat in anticipation. Drake then leaned forward and nibbled on my ear, making moan in satisfaction. Drake got up from my waist and flipped me over. His lips met mine and again his hands began to work. They started at the rim of my pants, softly grazing my stomach, making me shiver. He then ran his hands up and massaged my breast. He kneaded and pinched the nipple, making me moan his name.

"Drake..." His lips traveled down my cheek and past my neck. He brought his lips past my throat and kissed around my breast. "Stop teasing..." I pleaded. He chucked and looked up at me.

"Don't rush a good thing darling, I promise you will like it more." He began to suck my breast paying attention to every spot, making me want more. I grabbed tightly onto his hair, biting my lip to hold back a moan. His lips began to move down. He look his tongue and licked down my stomach, making me arch my back. He moved his hand down to my pants, unbuttoning them. I opened my eyes and watch as he seductively removed my pants. He left my panties, and suddenly he stopped. He just sat there on his knees looking at me for a second. His gaze was intense making my blush.

"God you're beautiful. I love you." I got up from my laying down position, and got up. I felt my hands reach up and unbutton his shirt, but I was so lost in his eyes I wasn't even paying attention. I removed his shirt and began to unbuckle his belt. I went to take his pants off too, but Drake stood up on the bed and took them off himself. He went back down and laid me back down in the bed as he did.

"Even if you some day wake up and realize how bad I am for you, I will always love you. I will never stop thinking about how beautiful you are. You are absolutely breath taking." His words made me blush.

"You are good for me. I love you." I kissed him on the lips, and it soon became more passionate. It was like our tongues where battling to the death. He obviously was the winner. Some how during our heated make-out session, I felt the tip of his member slowly enter.  I didn't feel my panties being remove or feel his pants being tugged off either. But this time it was different. It was more intense. It was sensual. Physically and Emotionally. He slid in deeper, making me gasp out his name. He stood still for a moment, letting me adjust. I rocked my hips back and forth to signal for him to go.

This time he didn't hold back. What was an original slow pace, sweet and passionate sex, soon became rough. I dug my nails in his back as he pounded into me, making me scream his name.

"Drake... Drake... Drake!" I screamed.

"Hold on for a few more seconds dear..." He began to go even faster, if that was even possible. I heard him grunt in pleasure, which almost sent me over the edge.

"Drake... I'm so... So..." I trailed off, unable to form a sentence.

"Cum for me daring..." He growled in my ear. I let go, feeling he follow soon after.

I rolled over in the bed, panting and my body sweating.

"That was... It was..." I said, at a loss for words.


Okay so I know that was a little more steamy than usual... But god damn was it fun to write! I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. I spent a lot of time on this. I didn't hold back at all in this chapter like I did my last smut chapter. Enjoy!

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