First Sight

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The tattoo hurts like a bitch. But you have to get one once you became some one sex toy. I was going to have serve Ryan's every need, wants, and fucking messed up fantasy. Not by choice like most people, like the wannabies, by force. He just picked me off the street, and it was either become a familiar or death.
The tattoo guy swished my hair back into place, saying, "I'm so sorry." All the tattoo people had to be familiar... some vamps just can't resist the blood. I got off the red stool (how ironic) slipped on my flats and walked out the palar. The cold air hit me like a trian. Thank god the hotel we owned, and I was staying at, was just across the street.

RING! RING! RING! I rang the door bell for Jackson, a familiar, to open the door. The door soon open, with Jackson on the other end.
"Thanks Jackson" I whisper.
"Anytime sweet pea! Get Ryan's tattoo yet?" he asked. I didn't know how Jackson got up in all this shit, but he always seemed too sweet, too nice, and too caring for Veronica to claim him. He just didn't belong with all the hookers, master-baters, and petifiles in this junk house. "Yes, and I'm 100% loathing it." I snapped back. He knew why I left, and he knew I didn't wanting the whole world to know. He walk around the counter and gave me a hug.
"You can't talk like that infront of them, or you know what they will do to you." He whisper. Yeah, they would feed me to Blade.

I walk up the stairs and into my penthouse, the one Ryan owned, and threw my purse on the ground. Ryan was going to be gone all night, looking for Dracula, or as they wanted us to call him, Drake. I had never seen him before, but he ran off the other day and didn't come back. I took my jacket off and flung it on the bed. I slid my flats off and put them under the dresser. I started to turned around, only to find someone behind me and blocking my path. I'd never seen him here before. Probably a new familiar. "So who owns you?" I asked, turning away from him and towards my dresser, pulling out my pajamas to wear after my shower. When I saw his face, my jaw nearly dropped. He was sexy! I mean like he was ripped. Not that tiny six-pack bullshit kids these day have, I mean total ripped. He must of saw my shocked expression, becuase he laughed, a deep sexy laugh, that came deep with-in his chest. But something about him... something about him that was off. He wasn't normal I could tell, and not becuase of his ripped body. He was.... wrong, not of this time. I watched him watch me. He must of known I knew something was wrong, and slowly walked out the room. Well that was an interesting waste of 10 minute.

I slipped off my shirt, while also slipping off my tank top, and I saw my tattoo which was right above my ass. It was a square swirly. Going around and around until it made me feel dizzy. I took off the rest of my clothes, throwing them on my bed. I took a towel and wrapped it around me, and walk toward the shower until...

Until a pair of long, muscular hands wrapped around me.
"Ryan, please I'm trying to take a shower." I said angrily.
"Well maybe I should take a shower with you," Ryan snickered.
"Ryan back off, I know you own me, but I can take a shower alone, cant I?"
"Last time I checked, bitch, you don't have one god damn choice, live with it." I yanked my body from his grip, and tried to get away, but he grabbed my hand before I even got 5 inches away. He turned me around, faster than I could imagine, and held me right in front of him. He scowled, I'm guessing trying to figure out what to do with me. I had disobeying him, tried to run away, and basically told him to fuck off. I had pissed him off every way imaginable. And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse... He kissed me. Not a soft, gentle kiss, the kind I always wanted my first kiss to be. But it was rough, too rough, and the worst part was it came from him. I tried to shove him off, but vampires are just to powerful and he was starting to piss me off.
"Ryan...please...get off!" I muffled between kisses.
"Is that any way to treat a lady?" I heard a man ask from somewhere in the middle of the room. I don't know how or when he got in, becuase ever since Ryan got here I was looking for a way out. Ryan suddenly stop, froze, turned around, and bowed. My jaw nearly dropped to the ground this time. Not only had Ryan just bowed to a fimiliar, but it was the same guy who is in my room not even 15 minutes ago! "My lord! When.. uh, when did you get back?" Ryan stuttered, and I wanted to laugh so hard for him to be tripping over some guy, but knew I would pay the price later if I did.
"I never left, but you fools just can't find things well enough," But then he turned to me, "Except for the pretty girls of course." This time my mouth did dropped, but how far? Well all the way to the gound and then some.
"Me?" I mouthed. The mystery man looked around, and started walking towards me. Instincts told me told me to run and hide, worst than Ryan, but his stare held me still.
"I see no other women around," then paused, turned to Ryan, and flicked him in the head, "Expect for this goon." He kept his glare on Ryan.

"Leave us." He ordered. Ryan said nothing, only bowed and left the room as fast as he could. I had to thank the guy. I mean, he made Ryan go away.
"Um, thanks, I don't know who you are, but thanks, really, I didn't know what was coming next there." He still freaked me out, but any one who could make Ryan go away was a friend of mine.
"Your very much welcome." He voice was deep, intelligent, and scary, but powerful. It made me want to run and worship him, all at the same time. Now I could see why Ryan was so afriad. "Anything I could get you, perhaps?" I asked, hoping he would say me. His eyes wandered down my body, and I feared the very thing I didn't want him to say, well he was going to say it.
"Mmm..." His kept looking at certian spots I didn't want any one to be seeing. "How about, um, a vodka." His eyes some how wandered back to my face.
"Yes... yeah... sure." I turned around to the cabinet, where Ryan kept all his drinks. I could feel this guy's gaze, undressing me one layer at a time. Some how I enjoyed it. I wanted him to undress me, but not with his eyes, with his hands. I shook the thought away, knowing I would only be a one night stand, I didn't want that.
"So what's your name, pretty girl?" I searched the cupboard, grabbing a glass and the vodka bottle. I started to pour it.
"Ariana" I said, proud to say it. I loved my name.
"What's yours?" He paused, befored he answered. I turned to see what was keeping him, the glass still in my hand. He was looking at me, but not like before, a more of a worried expression.
"Would you run away if I told?" I laughed.
"The only reason I would run away, is if you where a clown. I hate clowns." He smirked at my comment.
"No I am not a clown, Ariana." I love the way he said my name.
"Then what is it?" Agian he waited, pondering my reaction.
"Drake, or better know as, Dracula." And the glass in my hand fell and shattered.

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