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Hey guys! Little bit of an A/N since maybe not all of you read those. I recently got a Twitter specifically made for....drum roll... You guys! I made it when I posted the Ring chapter. I'll put a link at the end of this A/N as well has the name so if the link doesn't work you can just look up the name. Also, there is a link on my account if the one at the end of this A/N doesn't work.

Also... I'm thinking of starting a specific like day and time I update, just to keep me writing and pretty much have a chapter update weekly for you guys. Since I have school starting Thursday (I've probably started school by the time I post this) and I just want to see how my schedule goes with school, just so I can know. But I was thinking at 4 p.m. Central Standard time. (PST- 2 p.m, MST-3 p.m, CST- 4 p.m, EST- 5 p.m.) Sorry if you don't live in the USA, your time zone/time won't be up there. But I bet if you just google your time zone difference between Central Standard time, you should be figure out the time. If you don't know your time zone... Well then figure that shit out! Also, I'm not sure what day. Another reason I want to wait until school starts so I can figure out my schedule and be 100% sure on day and time.

But don't worry guys, I will post a chapter with this, this is more like a side chapter on top of the other one.

Twitter Link:

Twitter name: ImSuperwholok

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