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OH MY FUCKING GOD!! IM SO SORRY!! 😭😭 so I forgot my account information... And I didn't think anybody liked the book, so I just gave up. I was just checking up on the book on my other account... AND I CAN NOT BELIEVE PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIKED IT!! I'm so sorry for the spelling errors! I'm going to publish TODAY and fix all the error... Or at least most of them. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE FEED BACK AND I LOVE THAT YOU GUYS LOVED IT!! I'm actually crying and shaking... This is great, thank you so much!!

Okay, so I'm pretty sure I got all the grammar fixed... Or most of it. Any who... I will definitely  post another chapter tonight before I go to bed! I just want to say thank you for enjoying this so much!! I can't wait to continue this story!!

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