Day of it All

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It was here. It was the day of my wedding. I couldn't be more scared. Drake had offered to let me have someone help me, but I didn't trust anyone here. They all either were jealous of because I was marrying Drake or hated me. I suddenly heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it? If you Drake, you can't see me!" I said before opening the door. I heard a light laughter from behind that didn't sound like Drake. I lightly opened the door just a crack. It was Jackson, lightly smiling at me.

"Hey, Jackson! How've you been!" I said, so happy to see a familiar face.

"Well, my life hasn't been nearly as eventful as your life, but I was wondering if I could join in the events?" He asked. I started to panic.

"Wait! You didn't get an invitation! Are you kidding? I swear if Drake..."

"No, Ariana. Calm down. I got one." Jackson chuckled as I let out a sigh of relief. "I was wondering if you need any help? I mean you don't have bridesmaids or anything." He gave me an innocent smile. I grinned right back at him.

"Of course! Thank you so much! Are you sure you wanna do this? I mean I'm fine doing it by myself..."

"No I wanna help. You've helped me so much Ariana. I thought that my life might be at an end and then you came, and you turned that around for me. I love you for that." His eyes suddenly got wide as he realize what he said. "I mean... you know... in a friend way... I didn't mean..." I stopped him by giving him a hug.

"I love you too. In a friend way." I felt his smile on neck. I released the hug and laughed.

"Alright well if your gonna help your gonna we have a lot to do." We both smiled at each other and got to work.

"There. All done." Jackson said as he curled my last piece of hair. I walked up to the mirror took look at myself in the mirror.

"Wow. Oh my god," I gasped. I looked amazing. And not lie "wow-I'm-so-self-centered" amazing, but "wow-my-friend-really-knows-how-to-hide-my-flaws" amazing. "Oh my... thank you so much!" I walked up to Jackson and hugged him as tight as I could. I wanted to cry, but was afraid of ruining my makeup. "Seriously thank you."

"No problem. It was my pleasure Miss Moon. Now go out there and become Mrs. Moon."

I looked in Jacksons eye for a second, looking for any doubt. But I only found love and reassurance.

"Thank you. Really" I thanked one last time. I walked up to the doors and opened them, ready to start my new life. I was getting married.


I sat down in a chair in the after party, after the ceremony. I was so tired. Who knew weddings were so tiresome? I took a sip of my wine and looked out at everyone here. Although I new all about 3 people, everyone still seemed to be having fun dancing and drinking to their hearts content. I light smile formed on my face.

"You're thinking of me I hope," and heard a deep voice say behind me. My smiled got wider as I realized who it was.

"Drake!" I got up from my chair and gave him a kiss.

"I'm so sorry sweetheart. I had things I had to take of. What is it you say? 'The king of the vamps duties'?" I softly chuckled and pulled me in for a hug. I deeply breathed in his scent. I don't think I could ever get used to it.

"Well my part of the wedding as been the simplest thing ever. I hope yours was much more interesting." He said.

"Very exhausting, but worth it. Because I love you." Drake gave me his award winning smile that made my legs feel like butter.

"Well my bride," he put his right hand on my back and took his left arm to pick up my legs, holding me bridal style "I'm afraid that you are much to dashing for me to share you must longer. After all, it is our wedding night." He gave me a devilish smile as he carried me up to our bed room.

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