Blade: Trinity (a dracula love story)

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This is just a brief explanation of the pre-story before you read. If you have already seen Blade: Trinity, then you can go right ahead and skip this chapter. But if you haven't I suggest you read this part, just so you can get a better understand of the story.

In the movie series, there is a vampire killer who goes around and tries to stop the world from being 100% infested with vampires. Now of course that doesn't always work, but he usually keeps it down. The vampire hunters name is Blade (hence the title). But in the 3rd movie, he come to the biggest challenge he has had to face yet. Dracula himself. Dracula was brought back from his sleep, and was taken to a huge 'headquarter' with a crap ton of other vampires. He instantly become the leader. 

In the movie, Blade defeats Dracula and Dracula dies. Hurray for Blade, all familiars are let go (familiars are humans that are branded like cattle and are used as 'slaves' of any sorts for a certain vampire, based on the brand of that individual vampire.) and everyone is safe.  But for the purpose of this story, I needed him to be alive. So I changed it. (Shocker, right?) I made it to where Blade lost against Dracula, and instead of killing Blade, they locked him away. Which may or may not come later into the story. I don't know, you will have to read to find out. But any who, it's a few years later (if I did the math right, its about 5-8 years later.) and that where this story takes off. I hope you guys enjoy reading this story. I really did put effort into this story, even though it's probably still crappy. But it's a diamond in the ruff. When I get done and I'm 100% done with this story, I'm going to go back and make changes (mostly grammatical and stuff like that. Maybe more descriptive parts and fix things where I see problems.) So if you're reading this after I've completed it, then good luck! It should be 100% fix. If you're not however, also good luck, I should be done soon and then I will fix any errors I see. 

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