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It has been a few weeks since Drake and my first date. We had been basically inseparable since. Even when Drake had duties he had to take care of, I didn't leave his side. When I left to go shopping or simply walk around, Drake would join me. It almost felt to good to be real. But these last few weeks had been bliss.

But of course, all good things come to an end. Well, not an end, but just a pause.

"Drake, do you really have to go? Or maybe I can go with you! I mean it's Paris, the most romantic city..." I lifted myself from the bed and walked over to where Drake was packing, leaving soft kisses on his arm and back. "Please let me go..." I tried my best at a seductive voice.

"Ariana..." Drake whispered dangerously low. I knew that was his 'stop now or I might fuck your brains out' whisper, and let go. I sighed and flopped on the bed like a child. "I know you want to go, but I wouldn't be much fun. I wouldn't ever be around, and I would be surrounded by other vampires. Other vampires that I can't control and could do something to you at any moment." I knew by Drake's cold stare he was serious, and he was only trying to protect me.

"You promise me you will only be gone the next week? 7 days?" I rose my eyebrow at him, holding him to his promise. Drake leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

"I promise." I kissed him back, just as gentle.

"Well then let me help you pack." I smirked, and got up from the bed. I spent the few hours helping Drake pack, stealing kisses, and seductive glances. But soon Drake had to leave, and he kissed me goodbye and promised me one day that he would take me to Paris and it would be just me and him.

I spent the 4 days doing practically nothing. I sat in my room and read. Maybe went outside for a walk every now and then. I did practically nothing. Until one morning.

I woke up on the 5th day of Drake being gone and I felt more tired than ever. I stayed up all night texting Drake, sending pictures to leave things for the imagination. I bit my lip smiling remember what he had texted me.

When I get back you won't be able to walk for a week. You're gonna just going to have stay in bed with me and I'll have you all to myself.

I got up from my bed, stretching and walking to my dresser picking out my clothes for the day. I open the first drawer and saw a letter.

Follow me. To where we had the most amazing night. -Drake

I looked at the small piece of paper. I was so confused. How can it be Drake? He's still in Paris, right? I took a look at the paper again, trying to see if there was something to let me know if it was really him or not. But all that was there was that message. I set the piece of paper down and got changed. I was thinking about where 'the most amazing night' could of been. In my room where we first met? No, I would have seen the other note. The restaurant where we had our first date? No, that was all the way on the other side of town. It had to be his bedroom. The first time we ever had sex. I grinned at myself remembering that night.

I quickly brushed my hair and walked out of the room, almost jogging to Drake's room. I wanted to know where all this lead to. When I got to Drake's room the door was closed. I slowly opened the door. What was on the other side? Drake? Another note? Nothing? I opened the door and was surprised to see nothing. I walked over the bed, letting my hand glide across the sheets remembering that night. I soon felt an unfamiliar bump in the bed. I quickly removed the sheets and found a small box. Curious. I picked up the soft velvet box. It was small. Almost to small to hold anything. It was also red. Ironic. I opened the box and gasp. It was ring. It was simple, yet with a touch of elegant. The silver shone and the diamond was almost blinding.

"I went to Paris to get that ring. I had it specially made for you. I didn't want you to come because I wanted it to be surprise." I heard a voice say behind. I turned around to see Drake leaning on the door way, looking calm and collected.

"Drake... is this? I mean... Well," I couldn't seem to get a sentence out. I just stood there looking like a stuttering idiot.

"Ariana, I have seen the world change and it only seems to get worse every where I look. But you are the only beauty I see. The only beauty I want to see. Now we don't have to anything right now, but I just want to know I'm the only one who gets the option of having a future with you. Will you marry me?"

I just stood there in shock. I knew I should answer. I tried to answer. I keep screaming at myself 'SAY YES' but it's like my mouth suddenly became dry and I couldn't speak. So I just stood there. I did nothing.

"We don't have to do anything you don't want to Ariana. If you want to wait, that's fine. If you want more time I'll give it to you. I just need to know that you wont leave, no matter what. I love you." He pulled me up to his arm and just held me. I suddenly found the right words to say.

"I love you too. Yes, I'll marry you."


So they are getting married? Yay! I know this chapter literally took forever to post. I had a little bit of writers block. But I think I got through it, and I should have everything figured out until the end of the book. I have a game plan now!

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