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The glass fell, and a couple of shards got stuck in my foot, but I was to shocked to care. I think I heard Drake say somthing about being stupid, and how he  should of not said his name. He bent down and tried to pull a shard out of my foot. But I wouldn't let him.
"Woah, hey, no. You're a vampire, the King of Vamps at that, and there is no way your taking out a piece of glass out of my foot since their is going to be a lot of blood. I think maybe... maybe you should go." I said sternly. He look up at me from my foot. He slowly got up and looked me in the eye.
"Ariana, I'm, as you put it, King of all Vamps. I can handle a little blood." He sounded sort of harsh... but then agian from what I heard he always got his way. I shook my head.
"Yeah well... I don't know that, so please leave." I was on the vurge of crying... I have no idea why. I choked up the last part. Drake rolled his eyes, and push me back into a sitting position on the bed. He look up at me and said,
"You move, I will fuck you on that bed, and then drian you. Understand?" He gave me a smug look, and just the idea left me my head spinning. So all I did was shake my head.

He slowly starts to pick out the glass shards. It hurts like a bitch, but I sucked it up. This was Dracula... no way was I gonna show fear around him. When he was finally done pulling the shards out of my foot, he slid his hands up my legs to the top of my thighs and put his face so close to mine our noses touched.
"Where are your bandages?" He asked. I thought for a moment. In the bathroom cuboard. I open my mouth to tell him, but no words came out. He rose his hand and lightly brush the hair away from my face.
"Well?" He asked again.
"Uh... their in the, uh, bathroom. The bathroom cupboard." He got up so fast it made me flinch. He walked even faster into the bathroom, and came back not even 2 seconds later.
"This might hurt." He whispered. He put some peroxide on the bandages, and then wrapped the bandages around my foot. It stung a little, but nothing to bad. When he got done wrapping my foot, his eyes trialed up my body. It started at my toes, and as his eyes raised, so did his body. He stopped at my eye, once agian an inch away from my face.
"Feeling better?" The feel of his breath on my face and the coldness of it made me shiver. I guess he saw that becuase when I look down, he put a finger to my chin and rose it back up.

"Don't be afriad of me. Everyone else is, and you weren't. Well not until I told you who I was. You don't have to be afriad. I won't hurt you." He promised. Some how, I believed him. I mean, maybe he will hurt me, but not intentionally.
"Ok." I whispered back. He quickly grabbed my hands, and pulled me up.
"Do you dance?" He asked. I thought for a little while.
"No, not really. I danced a little when I was kid, but it was pointless spins and twirls I did outside. It made me feel like I was flying and nothing could hurt me. It felt good. But nothing major."
"Here, let me show you." He pulled me close to him, he pulled one hand away from my body, and put one hand on my waist. I put one of my hands on his shoulders. We started move around the room, and I had to look down at our feet to keep from tripping over them. He laughed.
"What are you doing?" I look back up at him.
"I was looking at our feet to make sure I didn't trip over them." I siad a matter-of-factly. He leaned down and whispered into my ear.
"Do you really think I would let you fall?" I shook my head.

All of a sudden I heard some enter the room. "What the hell are you doing?!" Shit. Ryan. Drake turned around away from and and look at Ryan.
"Dancing." He said calmly. Ryan look overly pissed, and I knew once Drake left, I was in for a world of pian. "Yeah, I can see that. But she is mine, not yours, and I dont care if you are my king, I'm not letting you have her!" He yelled. Drake only rose his eyebrow, questioning him. Ryan look over to me. He snapped his fingers, and point to the ground next to him. I started to slowly walk over to him, but Drake grabbed my wrist. I look up at him, wondering what he was doing, but he held a cold glare at Ryan. "Not anymore." He growled.
"What?" Ryan snapped.
"Not anymore. She is not yours anymore." Ryan started to laugh, fake of course.
"I worked hard for her. I kept her sent for a month before I got her under my grip, and I'm
not letting her go that easily." Ryan look at Drake, and nothing but hate was in there, but if looks could kill, Ryan wouldn't have eyes to look at Drake like that.

Drake's jaw was clenched shut, and the way he look made me want to run and hide. And it didn't help that his grip was like steel around my wrist. He was hurting me, but I couldn't feel it. The fear of what was to come was worse. Way worse. Ryan tackled Drake to the ground, and I fell down with them. Ryan hit him over and over and over agian. Drake's mouth just started to bleed before Ryan finally stopped. He got up off of Drake, and walked over to me. I was huddle against the wall. "If you ever... ever, do that agian, I will personally kill you. You are mine, not his." He gripped my jaw tight, and I started to cry. "Shut the fuck up." He hit me in the stomach. I felt like my whole insides just got pushed up into my throat. I started to cough blood. He hit me agian, right in the chest. I couldn't breathe. He kept hitting me, and I felt like I was gonna die. All I saw before I lost conscious, was Drake getting up from the ground and pulling Ryan off of me.

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