Chapter 10: The End!

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Yo yo yo! This is the finalistoe (I'm trying to sound cool) chapter for the book! It wasn't really supposed to go this far but I thought stopping at ten would be cool... Please vote, comment and fan if you find us funny or just weirdly creepy.


Reece: So last chapter! Are you excited?

Clyde: I'm excited that I did your mom.
Dean: My back is so f*cked up.
Roger: Why is it f*cked up? Did you bend too much for your boyfriend last night?
Brandon: I bet you would enjoy seeing that Roger.

Reece: You guys are f*cked up man. Okay so anyway, today we'll be talking about random shit because it's the last chapter so I didn't want to keep things restricted.

Clyde: Your ball sack is restricted.
Dean: Isn't every guys' ball sack restricted?
Roger: Yeah because it's in a sack.
Brandon: How do we go from being restricted to talking about ball sacks?

Reece: I have no f*cking idea! Anyway would you prefer your future wife to be a HOE or an innocent girl who doesn't want to ever bang you?

Clyde: Really bitch? Really? 
Dean: Hey! Don't call Reece a bitch.
Roger: A whore. A Skype hoe. Man that would be awesome!
Brandon: Any guy with a working penayay would pick the hoe.

Reece: Oh really? What if she had some yeast infection that burns your penaynay?

Clyde: I'm starting to think the virgin sounds better now.
Dean: Yeah! (His eyes dart around) Who doesn't like a virgin.
Roger: I could like so much virgins they can call me Richard Branson.
Brandon: Uh yeast infection doesn't really affect male parts? (How does he know?)

Reece: Have you ever dated someone from another race? Would you?

Clyde: I dated an Asian before she was hot except she kept on wearing pink underwear and I was like bitch change or get the f*ck out.
Dean: Nope but I did like a half Indian/half Chinese girl once.
Roger: Yeah I have! (Uh didn't he say he didn't have a girlfriend before?)
Brandon: Yes I have and yeah right, Roger.

Reece: What was the bitchiest thing a girl has ever said to you?

Clyde: She told me that my head looked like a retarded penguin.
Dean: Woah that must have been hard on you.
Roger: Bet other things were hard too.
Brandon: I always thought you looked more like a walrus. (He actually does in a way)

Reece: So here's a question from Yahoo! Answers.

What is the best online dating site for teens?

I am looking for a site that is teens around 14 and 15 and can assure its not filled with sexual predators. I do not give out personnal information besides my name. I am a person who enjoys online dating over real dating because well i have alow self esteem.

Clyde: The only site that's not filled of sexual predators is like for fucking smurfs or carebears. 
Roger: Stay away from the internet before you get ass raped! (Talking from personal experience?)
Brandon: Dude you're 14... online dating should be for bald headed 40 year olds who can't keep a hard on. (Out of interest, Brandon's father fits that description)

Definition: That one fuzzy animal you think is cute until he makes forced humpy on you. (Which basically means that even the cutest of people can be pedos. Beware!)

Reece: Roger was probably 14 when he decided to date online anyway. Here's another question


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