Chapter 9: Can friends be lovers?

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Yo yo yo, here's the new interview! It's a little different because this time I'm not the one asking the questions! This is a once off thing because some of you did ask me and I'm a sucker for saying yes (winkity wink). So, enjoy this one!

***Also check out the pickup lines submitted by some of you at the end of the chapter. It's hilarious. I'm going to be using them soon ;) ***


Dean Interviews:

Chapter 9:

Dean: Hey dudes! Guess who got the hot seat today! Okay today's interview is the transition... Seriously which bitch says transition nowadays?

Clyde: Wait, is this the question?
Reece: Nice way to start off your first interview, dude.
Roger: Just because he doesn't know what's the meaning of transition...
Brandon: Go away Dean, I prefer Reece to interview us.

I started to fist pump the air when Brandon said that.

Dean: I know what the meaning of transition is, okay? It's just that Reece sets questions like a vagina and his handwriting is bull! Today's interview is about the transition from friends to partners.

Clyde: That changed my life.
Reece: Answering these questions does feel weird...
Roger: Howdy partner!
Brandon: Look who's going off topic now, Reece.

Dean: Ya, see Reece! It was hard not to talk about vaginas! Ok so first question: Have you ever fallen in love with your best friend?

Clyde: My best friend is a guy.
Reece: No, I have never fallen in love with you Dean. Maybe your cousin with a weird obsession for Kung Fu sticks... but not you.
Roger: Didn't know you liked men, Dean?
Brandon: And you Skype him, Roger? Oh! Kinky.

Dean: No, you fucking idiots! I mean a girl! Have you ever fallen in love with a girl who was your close friend?

Clyde: Reece's mom and I were best friends once.
Reece: Clyde, seriously? Dean is doing the interviewing and you still pick on me?
Roger: The time was 2008 and it was early summer... He starts going on about meeting a girl in a boat and she ends up dying a tragic death. We all thought this really happened to him meanwhile he actually blurted out the plot of titanic because he was "bored of this relationship questions"
Brandon: How the fuck did we even become friends with Roger?

Dean: That girl beat him up and we felt sorry for him!

Clyde: Oh yeah right. The girl who wore a dress that had seagulls on it. Now that I think of it, who the fuck buys a dress with weird ocean birds on them?
Reece: Dean you bitch! You supposed to be asking the damn questions not answering them.
Roger: No girl ever hit me!
Brandon: Other than seagull girl, Roger.

The seagull girl never beat him up; she just slapped him once because he stole something of hers... I won't complete that because he stole freaky shit but just remember Roger is really fucking weird naturally. We were all friends from school times and Clyde sat next to Roger in English class- that's how we became buds.

Dean: Oh yeah! I forgot I was the interviewer. So if a girl likes a guy and they're really close friends, what should she do to show him her true feelings?

Clyde: Give him a bj? That works.
Reece: Do some high school musical shit. Vanessa Hudgens is hot.
Roger: She should tell him: If you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my friends. Make it last forever, friendship never ends! He sings on a high fucking note I could feel my eardrums vibrate.
Brandon: Are you fucking sure you're not crazy, Roger?

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