Its your birthday and he's on tour

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"Happy birthday beautiful." Mum  cried.

"Thanks mum." I smiled sadly.

"Oh Hun could you do me a favor...?" Mum asked as she cleaned the dishes.

I nodded.

"Ok in Liam's room there should be a-" I stopped her before she could finish.

"Mom you know I don't like going into Liam's room."

Liam and the band had been on tour for the part 11 months and I hated anything that reminded me of him.

"I know Hun but this would really help me." I sighed nodding.

Once she told me what I was looking for I dragged my body upstairs.

I took a breath before opening the door.

"Hello love." The familiar voice spoke. I looked up to see my brother and all the boys sitting on his bed.

My jaw dropped and I started to cry running over to my brother and hugging him.

"Happy birthday baby girl." He smiled and I smiled back not being able to form any words.

"You remembered?" I asked shocked.

"Oh course I remembered!"

"But you guys are on tour how did yo-"

"We got some time off to see our family and it just so happened to be on the week of your birthday." Harry chimed in.  And I smiled for the millionth time today.

"I love you guys." I cried.

"I WANT FOODDDDDDD!!" Niall whined as he jumped off the bed and ran down the stairs.

Liam smiled at me once we stood and he wrapped his arm tightly around my shoulder, kissing my temple.

"Let's go get some food for the birthday girl." He smiled.

"AND NIALL!!" Niall pouted as we walked down the stairs.

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