Your dating his best mate

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Louis: (Harry)

You, Harry and all the other boys were spread out in the living room watching a horror movie.

In the movie something had popped out making you jump and burry your head in Harry's chest. He rubbed your back and played with your hair as you kept your head on his chest.

"You two have been awfully close Lately. " Louis spoke shoving popcorn into his mouth looking in the direction of the two of you.

Harry shifted uncomfortably under you and you took it as a message to leave. You got up and walked out of the room. "Y/N!" Harry called after you. You didn't stop walking though, you walked up the stairs and into your room.

"Y/n please. " he whispered walking up behind your body.

There were footsteps coming from the stairs. I pulled away from Harry and walked to my closet. "Harry Edward Styles you better not be fucking dating my sister. "

"Louis please mate."

"No! I told you to stay away from her! I trusted you to do the right thing!" Louis shouted slamming Harry against the door to get to me.

There were tears streaming down my face as I stood there. "Oh y/n."

"DON'T." I screamed pushing his hand away from my cheek. I walked pass him and went straight to Harry. He was standing in the doorway now and he opened his arms for me. I gladly took them and wrapped myself in his embrace.

"Y/N!" Louis screamed. Honestly Louis was scaring me and I didn't like this side of him at all. "Louis your scaring her mate. " Harry whispered holding me tighter.

He laughed and pushed pass both of us. 
My tears were far from dry. I didn't know what was going on. Why wasn't I aloud to date Harry? They were friends. I didn't see what was wrong.

I slipped out of Harry's embrace and walked down the stairs and into the living room where the rest of the boys were.

"Louis-" I started.

"No." Louis whispered.

"Get out." He spoke looking me dead in the eyes.

"What?" I asked confused.

"GET OUT!" He screamed and I got the memo. "Okay." I sighed slipping on my boots and walking out of the warm house and into the poring rain.

Tears were streaming down my face. Why would he do that.

"Y/n!" I heard a shout but I just kept walking  thinking it was just Harry. 
"Y/n slow down!" Well that wasn't Harry's voice. It was Niall and Liam's. I stop walking and turned around wrapping my arms tightly around myself.

My mascara was probably all over my face as I hadn't stopped crying since that outburst in Louis.

"It's poring outside let's go home." Niall spoke handing me his coat. I shook my head. "I'm not welcome there anymore."

"Well let's go to our flat then. " Liam spoke taking my hand. Liam Niall and Harry had shared a flat so I was over there most of the time.

We walked to Liam's car and drove to their house."


"Y/n." Harry whispered as I walked in the door with the boys. He held his arms open and I gladly ran into them.

"We're going to bed thanks mates." Harry said taking my hand and guiding me up to his room.


"Mate. Calm down. She's here. She's ok. Yes I promise. Ok. I will. Alright. Bye mate. " Harry sighed and my eyes fluttered open.

"He was scared you left and you weren't coming back. " he smiled lightly.

*"I'm sorry y/n please forgive me. " Louis pleaded. I nodded and hugged him. "Of course Lou I love you."

"I love you too. "

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