#2 He likes your Twin more

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"Y/N!!!!!" My sister Y/T/N yelled shaking me awake. I jolt awake to the bouncing on my bed. "ITS OUR BIRTHDAYYYYYY!!!!!" She screamed like a five year old. I slightly laughed remembering that today was the day I became an adult, I was turning 18 today.

Y/T/N pulled me out of bed, dragged me out of the room and down the stairs.

"YOUR 18 Y/T/N!!" Harry shouted ripping me off of her so he could hug her.

"IM 18!! Y/N'S 18!!!" Harry's smiles faded and he turned away from my view. "So y/t/n I thought we could go to..... THE WEEKEND CONCERT!!!" Harry giggled pulling out two tickets.

My jaw dropped and tears brimmed my eyes. There we only two which meant him and y/t/n we're going. Y/t/n screamed and jumped up and down.

Of course I loved the weekend and I was happy for y/t/n but I had loved 5sos way more and I wished it was a 5sos concert and that it was me going.

"Go get ready we have to leave in a half hour!" Harry laughed as y/t/n sprinted up the stairs. I still stood there.

Tears were know visible and streaming down my face. "Are you ok y/n?" Harry asked oh so innocently. I mentally rolled my eyes but I just nodded sniffling before running up the stairs.

Harry and y/t/n had left at 10:30 and the  concert ended at 4:30. It was currently 5:30 and I was up in my room waiting for y/t/n to come home and tell me about the concert.

"Y/N!!" Y/t/n screamed at the top of her lungs as she sprinted up the stairs, dragging  harry along with her.

"How was it?" I asked not even looking up from my phone.

"Horrible now listen to harry." She instructed and I laughed.

"Come on let's go for a car ride." Harry smiled grabbing my phone and walking out of the room.

"harrrehhhhhh." I whined chasing after him. We walked down the stairs and out the front door and into the car.

"Get in. "

I looked at him and he smiled.

I sighed and got in.

He handed me a blindfold. "Put this on."

I looked at him. He nodded and I tied it around my head.


20 mins had passed and the car finally came to a stop. Harry took off my blindfold and we were sat In front of a flat.

He got out and I followed. He opened the door without knocking and screamed. "THE BIRTHDAY GURL IS HERE." I looked at him confused because it seemed that no one was in the house. It was dark and quite. Until.

The lights turned on and 4 beautiful boys were standing right in front of me.
I looked to HARRY then back to the boys.

"Happy birthday y/n! " Luke smiled pressing a kiss to my cheek.


"Thank you so much harry I love you!"

"I love you too y/n"

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